The Importance of curtains

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Curtains are so much more than pieces of arbitrary material that keep the light out and give privacy at night. Like all aspects of interior design, the curtains play their part in the overall aesthetics of a given room, and the underlying composition of your home in general. Too often, a poor choice of curtain can make a huge difference to the ambiance and energy of your room. Rather than innocuous players in the background, the right selection of curtains can enhance the décor of your bedroom, lounge or dining rooms, and fuse with other interior design elements to neatly complete the piece. But where to start? Picking the right curtains can be an elusive, confusing task. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what will work with the rest of your interior elements.

Why not take a look at the following examples of crafty curtain work for a few fresh inspirations on how to pick the right materials to enhance your most intimate domestic spaces.

Sheer romance

Often, curtains are underrepresented; they get a bad wrap, thought to be fairly one-dimensional, perfunctory and necessary additions to a room. But there’s so much more to curtains than meets the eye. They don’t need to be heavy draped ‘light shielders’, or wielders of privacy alone. Here, we see how sheer, frilled lace can work as a unique middle option—something to add a little charm to a dining or living room without completely blocking out natural light. Here, the curtains are more a light buffer, a romantic tinge to a warm, inviting domestic living space.

Slick shapes

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with heavier drapes with interesting shapes, if a given room calls for it—here, in this nouveau living room setting, pink-peach, white and grey unite in a delicate fusion of colour and tone. Cushions speak to the lampshade and curtains, a sophisticated and intelligent design conversation between different, complementary interior elements.

Light and breezy

This light, contemporary apartment space breathes with personality and idiosyncratic pop-culture style. Seemingly divergent tastes form a unique blend of interior decor elements—the citrus backed chairs with wood bench kitchen and dining table; sea blue and white mandala floor tiling; sliding white side doors and an open plan sensibility; Muhammad Ali on the wall! To cap it all off, the designers here employ a soft, sheer light peach drape for the rear windows, fusing together with the eclectic mix of design choices, delivering the room a distinct sense of lightness and breeziness.

Traditional and tidy

Of course, there is always a place for the traditional curtain touch. Here, a more elegant, refined lounge-setting calls for its curtain work to follow suit. Drawn back with gold curtain rope to let ample natural light stream in, the is cosy couch and coffee table space is really tied together with these delightful window drapes, employing a bright, artistic pattern that matches seamlessly with the cushions.

Contrasting beauty

Here’s where a good sense of curtain work can really make all the difference. Curtains in a bedroom are not only highly perfunctory (too much light, not enough deep sleep) but they have the ability to make such a striking statement when coupled with the rest of the room’s decor. In this example, the curtains are key players in the mix. Minimal, bright and white, gunmetal grey/blue curtains provide a bold foil to the white linen of the bed, walls and side table, giving a statement of contrast to an otherwise rather plain boudoir. Plus, there’ll be no problem keeping the light out with these beauties. Guaranteed to induce a great nights’ sleep.

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