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Interesting natural wall textures

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AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern dining room
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When it comes to interior walls, it’s not just about paint colour and tone. To explore the maximum potential of your interior spaces, there’s a whole other dimension to consider—texture. Blessed with choice, there is such a vast range of different options when it comes to interior wall finishes, especially natural materials. But which to choose? Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, man-made, brick or timber? Each needs to be sealed differently and each creates a different atmosphere, so it’s important to really consider what you want to achieve with your rooms from the outset and consider the attributes of each in order to deliver the right kind of mood and effect. For a bit of savvy natural texture guidance, take a look at the neat examples of below and get inspired!

Stone stone everywhere!

Mark Gabbertas homify Dining room

Mark Gabbertas


The versatility and range of natural stone in our abodes has never been greater—with different finishes and textures, the only limit is your imagination! To create a certain mood or style in your house, consider using stone to achieve your desired look—it not only looks impressive and trendy, it can create a stunning feature inside your home that is timeless and elegant. The natural stone used throughout this home adds a vast and cosy atmosphere while still feeling light and stylish. Coupled with exposed timber framing, this home is exceedingly striking. If you are considering natural stone, remember to consult the professionals for advice, as issues such as water ingress or porosity can be a problem if the stone is not treated correctly.


What an entrance! Timeless and truly elegant, this impressive staircase with numerous landings looks even more expansive and open with the natural and bare brick walls. The textures of the brick with the timber flooring and bannisters make for a wonderfully contrasting element here. Soft and hard compliment each other with their opposing qualities.


Talk about a stunning feature wall! This natural stone wall adds an organic element to this very modern renovation. White walls abound here, and they are made even more effective with the stone feature wall adding texture and interest to the space. Perfectly located next to the dining table, the stone effectively muffles sound into the other rooms when dining and creates a solid buffer zone between the open plan living area and the rooms adjacent.

Timber logs

A creative and inexpensive way to add interest, create a divider or just spruce up an outdoors area is through a timber log wall such as this. Stacked together these logs create a wonderfully interesting space, and effectively block out neighbour noise. This design creates warmth by utilising timber; in addition to the wall, up cycling some old pallets as a coffee table give this patio area serious flair and charm. When creating with timber logs or loose stone, be sure to consult or enlist a builder to ensure the structural integrity of your wall and prevent collapse or damage.

Cultured stone

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern dining room
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

Cultured stone is a man-made building material that is manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone. It is produced using a mix of concrete, aggregate and colour pigments. Although cultured stone doesn’t have the roughness and individuality of natural stone, it is a cheaper alternative and often comes as a veneer, pre-treated to resist many issues that natural stone suffers from. Because of this (aside from cleaning) it is virtually maintenance free. This cultured stone wall passes through the living area of this home and continues effortlessly into the garden, creating a space that, with such large windows, fuses a seamless connection between the indoors and out. The cool tone of the wall imitates the freshness of the outdoor area and increases the openness of the space.

Painted brick

Simple, easy and effective is the humble painted brick wall. This space shows how a painted brick wall can add texture and depth to a space that is minimal and simple. The dark tiled flooring juxtaposes flawlessly with the frosty whiteness of the walls, and by leaving the brick finish, allows a raw and rough, yet stylish and clean ambiance into the room.

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