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7 head-scratching living room transformations

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We thought we'd have a little fun with you today, so have found seven amazing living room overhauls to test your keen observation skills.

The before pictures are all numbered and the reveals are lettered, so can you match the transformations correctly? When you see how the rooms have been totally turned around, you'll realise just how talented the interior design teams responsible for each home improvement project are.

Who knows, you might even feel inspired to tackle a revamp of your own!

1. Before: Stripped floors are nice but we wouldn't call that fireplace a classic piece of architecture that needs to remain

2. Before: This living room seems to think it's also a dining space! We would have added curtains to hide the horror

3. Before: This must have been a shocking space to warrant such a drastic redesign!

4. Before: Minimal styling can work well but this might be a little too much of a white out for us

5. Before: This room has a lot of charm but it's very well hidden under years of shabby décor

6. Before: If you can call this welcoming or homely then you have more vision than us

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7. Before: Will there be anything left of this living room when the project is complete?

A. After: Soft curves, a bright colour scheme and not a brick to be seen, can you identify what this used to look like?

B. After: A heritage home that looks as good as new. Are there any tells that give this project away?

C. After: These colour pops have really transformed what this living room started out like

D. After: The original features have been put to good use to create a cosy, timeless room!

E. After: We wonder how much of the original room had to be removed to make way for this amazing, minimalist scheme?

F: After: With a room this gorgeous, no wonder the windows are free of dressings. But what was it like before?

G. After: Cosy, comfortable and gorgeous. Could this room have really looked bad enough to need a style injection?

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For more amazing transformations, take a look at this Ideabook: The Unrecognisable Terrace Transformation.

Did you guess which pictures belong together?

Here are the answers: 1D, 2F, 3A, 4C, 5B, 6G, 7E.

Let us know how many you got right, below!

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