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14 head-turning garden features you can build yourself

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You can really set your garden apart just by adding a couple of stand out features, but don't panic that you'll need to hire professional gardeners or even builders to do this for you.

With a host of online tutorials at your fingertips, finding simple to follow instructions for everything that we're suggesting today will be easier than you think and your garden will definitely thank you for it. From DIY patio furniture to self-hung sun shades, we know you've got the right stuff to see all of these projects through to completion.

Let's see which one you choose!

1. A brick barbecue is a great starter project for garden novices!

2. Simple solar-powered lights are easier to make than you might think

3. Pallet furniture is an easy project that can be completed in a weekend (or two)

4. A decked terrace is deceptively simple to lay once you've planned it out

5. Water features can be as easy to install as you want them to be, so choose a style

6. Stretched canvas makes adding a little shade to your garden as easy as pie

7. You can upcycle old tables to turn them into outdoor bars. Simply cut a hole in the middle, add a container and you're done!

8. Wooden planters are super simple to knock up, or you can repurpose old apple boxes

9. An arbour is a perfect garden addition and if you train climbers to grow over it, you don't even need your carpentry to be spot on!

10. Trestle pot holders are ideal for patios and can even be fashioned from old ladders

Plant Stand- Grey homify Garden Furniture

11. Don't be scared by greenhouses! They usually arrive as a kit, ready to be assembled. Who can't manage a little flat-pack furniture?

Swallow Kingfisher 6x6 Wooden Greenhouse homify Garden Greenhouses & pavilions

Swallow Kingfisher 6x6 Wooden Greenhouse


12. Fire pits can, within reason, be made from any fire-proof material you have. So, measure your space and get creative!

13. They are usually a two-person job, but gazebos aren't as difficult to erect as you might think. Just be sure the ground is level

14. Creating a quiet little retreat can be as simple as some garden canes, a seat and some muslin

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 Sneaky Gardening Cheats You'll Be glad You Tried.

Which of these are you tempted to try your hand at?

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