Sour tasting dining room fails you MUST always avoid

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Playing interior decorator can be quite exciting: picking out paint colours, deciding which fabrics to use, and moving around those décor pieces remind us of playing house when we were kids – only now we get to do it for real!

But throughout all the excitement in deciding which scatter cushion goes where, it often happens that we let down the planning part of the decorating process. Yes, like all things in life, decent planning is required if you want to reap successful results.

Today we want to focus on mistakes that most of us are guilty of when sprucing up that dining room – imagine the horror in hosting your next dinner party and seeing those overlooked errors staring you (and your appalled guests) right in the face! 

Let’s rather see how to avoid them…

1. Imperfect proportions

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the dining room requires a table and chairs for the dining process. But you do need to be clever when picking out those furniture pieces. 

Finding the perfect balance between that table and the adjoining chairs or bench(es) and the room’s size is already a huge step in the right direction.

2. Not enough moving space

HOLACASA Modern dining room

Remember that adequate space is needed for not only sitting and dining, but also for getting up and walking. And no one wants to be shoved into their plate of food while someone is pushing past them just because the host couldn’t plan properly. 

homify hint: Faced with a small dining room? Go with a round/oval-shaped table, as this helps to free up a bit more space. 

See the: 10 Golden Rules Of Picking Out Your Perfect Dining Table.

3. Different rooms bleeding into each other

Today’s modern layouts see many home designs flaunting open plan layouts. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it could lead to some difficulty in separating the spaces from each other, such as the dining room and the living room.

Use colours and textures, and elements such as rugs and furniture pieces, to distinguish where the living room stops and your elegant dining space begins.

4. Inadequate lighting

HOLACASA Modern dining room

Don’t torture your dinner guests by having them guess what you’re serving up; ensure that your dining space is sufficiently lit. Windows with incoming natural light will take care of this during the day, but dinner parties are usually scheduled for evening hours. 

Thus, invest in some proper lighting – and always rely on more than one lighting source (for example: a main overhead ceiling lamp, wall sconces, and perhaps a stylish floor lamp thrown in for good measure).

5. Uncomfortable chairs

Speaking of torture, few things are as uncomfortable as pretending to look relaxed while sitting on a chair that’s slowly killing your backside. 

Make sure your guests are treated to soft, padded chairs that are not too high or low – the ideal height for a dining chair seat is about 45 – 48 cm.

6. Chairs that are too narrow

We are still on the sitting aspect, but it is important. Those dining chairs have to be a reasonable width that will allow your guest to sit comfortably, but also stand up without effort.  

55 cm is a good size for armless dining chairs, but feel free to go larger if your dining table is quite big. Opt for chairs that are 50 – 60 cm deep, and do your best to avoid ones that are narrower than 43 cm – they just don’t cater comfortably for the backside.

7. A dining space that doesn’t flow

homify Modern dining room

Having an eclectic-styled room is one thing; but having a space that seems like a mismatch between colours and styles is another. And trust us when we say that your guests will notice if that room’s style doesn’t flow.

Décor pieces, furniture, fabrics, colours – these all need to be on the same page in order to set an elegant vibe (plus they can serve as fabulous conversation topics).

8. Copying other styles

homify Modern dining room

Sites like homify and Pinterest are filled to the brim with style suggestions, but that doesn’t mean you always have to copy them verbatim. Your dining room (and bedroom, and kitchen, etc.) needs to show some of your own style and personal taste, even if it’s something as small such as a painting or curtain. 

Dare to add your own unique touch!

What other dining room no-nos can you think of?

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