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Think of bathrooms and you may be drifting off into a land of stunning suites and fluffy towels but we want you to cast your eyes down and give some thought to bathroom flooring! So often overlooked, the right floor can help to turn a beautiful bathroom into a breathtaking and unforgettable space and with so many amazing options available, you really will be spoilt for choice!

Take a look at the following examples of bathroom flooring and see if you are ready to rip up the linoleum to lay something a little more stylish!

Monochrome mosaic

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

If you've decided to keep your bathroom walls super simple and plain, why not consider trying something a little more adventurous with your bathroom flooring? This is the perfect example, from Drummonds, of just how much of a statement your floor can make when everything else has been pared back. We love the dramatic black and white tiles, complete with ornate pattern and can't help feeling that the floor here really is the star attraction that ties the theme of the entire space together. Gorgeous! 

Spectacular slabs

Bathroom flooring often features marble, but not usually on such a huge scale. The size of these slabs is nothing short of gargantuan and have the effect of making the installation look even more luxurious than it already is! Working beautifully against the rich wood of the bath steps, the heavy slate on the wall and the vivid greenery, this white and grey marble brings a cool freshness to the space that would have been lost if a darker colour had been used. 

Reclaim and repair

For an incredibly traditional bathroom, natural wooden floorboards are a wonderful choice, despite the fact that water will have an impact on them. Rather than opting for perfect laminate that is water resistant, real floorboards offer heritage properties a bathroom flooring option that is guaranteed to work with every other inclusion in the room. Take this example; the heavily patterned wall, ornate radiator and unusual shower tray are all hugely stylish installations, yet the floor merely bolsters their impact and works perfectly with them, without competing.

Mosaic marvel

If you liked the monochrome tiles at the beginning of this Ideabook, but they were just too dark for you, how about something more like this neutral toned mosaic floor? Adding warmth and character to this lovely space, it becomes clear that bathroom flooring is more than just something to stand on, it really does impact on the wider design theme. A plain floor in this example may have made the rest of the room look a little underwhelming and standard, but an exciting addition, even just on the floor, has lifted the space and made it something truly covetable.

Harmonious players

Bathroom flooring can come in two parts, as this example shows, with the shower base often utilising one finish, while the rest of the room uses another. We love the combination of the two at play here, with light wood working stunningly with the pastel mosaic tiles and creating a bright, fun and modern feel.The wood also denotes where the older parts of the house are, acting as a marker, so the separation of the two flooring styles is key to  producing a room that is non-competitive and clearly defined. 

Slice of colour

In an all white bathroom, what could be more fun than adding an accent colour via the floor? We love the use of a blue stripe here, which is elegantly distinguishing where the bathing areas are. Starting as part of the bathroom flooring, it sweeps up into the back wall of the shower unit and helps to add a new dimension to the room that would have been severely lacking if the one colour theme had been kept. Finished in an easy to clean and waterproof vinyl, this is a great example of how malleable and adaptable flooring can be.

Delightfully dark

Bathroom flooring doesn't come much more dark and elegant than this black vinyl covering that effectively turns the whole space into a wet room. The perfect contrast for bright white walls and warm exposed brick, the dark floor, complete with matching rug and storage, makes a definitive style statement and keeps this room looking high fashion rather than too minimalist. We can only assume that Batman has a bathroom very similar to this one!

Simplicity is key

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Eclectic style bathroom

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


Even a room that has a small amount of floorspace can benefit from some funky bathroom flooring. You might think that a small amount of room would be best with light or plain finishes, but if everything else is kept simple then you can't go wrong with a bold pattern, as seen here. The grey and white tiles partner with the huge amounts of white everywhere else and even help to ground the green fireplace wonderfully. A fun bath toy completes the looks to offer an insight into a quirky household, without taking up too much space and making the room feel cluttered.

Small but mighty

The Broadway, SW19 - Extension & Bathroom Renovation Grand Design London Ltd Classic style bathroom
Grand Design London Ltd

The Broadway, SW19—Extension & Bathroom Renovation

Grand Design London Ltd

A teeny room, we can't get enough of the combination of ultra reflective floral wallpaper, a bright white suite and gorgeous, perfectly placed laminate flooring. Promising a soft and warm surface underfoot, laminate offers the best of both natural wood flooring and super practical materials such as linoleum. As attractive as it is easy to look after, this floor brings a touch of classic design into a throughly eclectic room and we can't help but like it!

Your own masterpiece

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill Drummonds Bathrooms Minimalist bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Drummonds Bathrooms

If absolutely nothing has quite honed in on what you are hoping to achieve with your bathroom flooring, why not take a walk on the wild side and paint it yourself? That way, there are no limitations as to availability or colours and you can change it up as often as you feel the need! Ceramic painting is a great option, as seen here with commissioned tiles, or you could opt to paint natural floorboards before finishing with a suitable top coat. When it comes to your dream home, why compromise?

For more brilliant bathroom ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 neutral bathroom ideas.

Have you made the most of your bathroom floor? Tell us below!

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