12 items interior designers would NOT waste money on

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We learn through making mistakes and it's refreshing to hear that interior designers are human after all. Having decorated many client properties (as well as their own over the years) there are a few things they wouldn't waste money on any more and we thought we'd let you in on them.

If you want to create a luscious living room that would be able to fool any decorator into believing you had professional home furnishing help, or a bedroom that blows everyone away, read on and see what not to buy!

1. A wooden floor in a house with pets

Not if you want it to stay looking good. Designers say a scratched wooden floor is as bad as a hairy carpet!

2. White statement furniture

It just isn't practical, often looks grubby and dates really quickly.

3. Slip covers for dining room chairs

homify Dining roomChairs & benches

You're not at a wedding in the 1990s so let your stylish chairs breath.

4. A high-maintenance garden

It will will take over your life and all your free time, so keep it simple!

5. Statement splashbacks and outlandish tiles

If you take on a kitchen revamp, stick to stylish classics.

6. Elaborate kids furniture

Silversparkle Children's High Hut Bed Cuckooland Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs

It might make you feel like Parent Of The Year but it's going to get damaged, drawn on and will be hell to assemble.

7. Expensive fads

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Family Living


Avoid trendy gadgets as they date a space like nothing else.

8. Large, colourful furniture items

Pudding Sofa Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs

Rather than splurging on large, colourful items, try out the hue as an accent colour first. Cushions before sofas!

9. Mass produced retro furniture

Antique Reproduction Oval Desk Parklane Furniture Study/officeDesks
Parklane Furniture

Antique Reproduction Oval Desk

Parklane Furniture

It doesn't give a fun and vintage edge to your home, it just looks like you hung onto your Grandma's dresser.

10. Elaborate curtains

They're a waste of money, so look for something off the peg, simple and stylish. Custom drapes never date well!

11. Generic art

Choose things that have a personal connection, not just the right colours.

12. Huge statement pieces

Don't impulse buy huge pieces that might not actually work or fit well in your home. You'll be stuck trying to make them look good and you'll never fully love them.

For more interior design advice, take a look at this Ideabook: Decorating your house: Don't make these 7 mistakes!

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