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Bathroom blunders you commit (and how to avoid them)

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Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern bathroom
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It’s pretty straightforward to clean yourself up, right? You apply, you lather, you rinse… done. Well that may sound easy, but most of us are committing heinous blunders in the bathroom that are not always sanitary – and the worst part is that we’re not even aware we are doing this. 

If you’re a germaphobe, or you just like being clean, then this is definitely one article you can’t afford to miss.

Read on, and see our list of fresh tricks to help you clean up those dirty little acts…

1. You keep your toothbrush too close to the toilet

Every time you flush your toilet, aerosolised particles from the toilet float as far as six feet away – and if your toothbrush happens to be within this distance, then bad news for you. 

Our advice? Close that toilet lid before flushing, and be sure to wash (and replace) your toothbrush regularly. But don’t cover it, as a moist environment (such as a closed container) can help the growth of microorganisms.

2. You reuse your bath towel too many times

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Those annoying little buggers called bacteria thrive in damp conditions, which means your towel that you reuse week after week might be making you dirtier – and possibly even sick.

So what do we do? We wash that towel at least once a week, and switch on those bathroom vents (and open the windows) to allow some fresh air to circulate.

3. You keep your loofah for too long

Don’t get too attached to your fluffy little loofah, as it needs to be tossed out after three to four weeks – unless you relish the chance of exposing yourself to bacteria.

Rather opt for synthetic mesh puffs, which are more resistant to bacteria, but replace these after eight weeks just to be safe. 

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4. You don’t wash your hands for long enough

Which is better – scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds, or spending a few days in bed with a virus infection? 

Washing your hands is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, but be sure to keep rubbing and soaping it for no less than 15 seconds.

5. You don’t trim your shower curtain liner to fit the tub

You know those ripples caused by that too-long shower liner where it hits the tub? That is a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. 

Simply trim a few centimetres from the bottom and sides so that it fits perfectly without folding or bunching up.

6. You walk barefoot on your bathroom floor

Contrary to what you may think, your toilet seat is not the grossest spot in your bathroom. Millions of bacteria (yes, they are everywhere) live happily on your bathroom floor, which means you either need to scrub it as frequently as possible, or invest in a pair of comfy shower shoes. 

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7. You reuse the same sponge on every surface

Don’t cut corners by using the same sponge for your shower, mirror, sink and toilet. Rather invest in a set and label them accordingly, or if colour-coordination is your thing, have at it. 

And remember to replace those sponges every month and clean them at least once a week (either by microwaving them or including them in the next dishwashing run).

8. You go nuts with the shampoo

Unless you have a really grimy job, an excessively oily scalp, or you exercise (and therefore sweat) on a daily basis, you don’t need to be shampooing every day. Our scalps produce natural oils that help condition our hair, and using too much shampoo can strip away these vital oils. 

Although your hair type (i.e. curly, dry, thin, etc.) will determine how often you should lather up, you should opt for washing it every other day instead of daily.

9. You use your toilet wrong

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern bathroom
The Bazeley Partnership

Sundown, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

Yes, there is more than one way to do it. 

Various studies recommend squatting instead of sitting up straight while on the toilet. In the squatting position and with the thighs fixed upon the abdomen, straining is less and abdominal pressure also decreases. 

Now you know!

10. You wipe instead of wash

We’re not talking about hands here…  

Although some people live by the saying “once you go bidet, you never go back”, installing this appliance could be a costly bathroom design project. However, a bidet-type feature on an existing toilet is an easy and inexpensive alternative. 

Other options include installing a handheld bidet device that showers your bottom area after bathroom use, which is tied right into your home water supply and hooked to the edge of your toilet. 

Although don’t toss out that toilet paper completely: a sheet or two is nice for a little drying after the wash.

Which of these tips most surprised you?

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