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5 bathroom remodels that give us all hope!

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It's no secret that dirty, old-fashioned and horrible bathrooms are one of our real bugbears here at homify, but we're braving our fear to show you some truly inspirational transformations today.

We know you'll be as thankful for interior designers as we are afterwards and, if your own bathroom is in need of a revamp, this will be all the motivation you need to begin.

Can we hold hands as we look around, please? Some of these really are scary!

1. Before/After: Cluttered to contemporary

As you can see, this family bathroom used to be a hoarding ground for everybody's junk, but the impact it had on the space was horrific, making it much smaller.

Skip ahead and we see that without the bathtub, it's a far more chic and modern space, with adequate bathroom storage for hiding away personal belongings.

2. Before: Are we on a horror film set?

What else can you say, really? Crumbling walls, a scary toilet and a total lack of style or functionality makes this our worst nightmare!

2. After: Oh, that's better!

It's little wonder that we don't recognise this room, as had anything been kept of the original 'bathroom', it would have been a travesty. 

The sunken tub here is a treat!

3. Before: Grandma, please reclaim your bathroom

Pink and chintzy, there can be no doubt that this bathroom has been stuck in a time warp for decades.

Good grief, look at that wallpaper!

3. After: Fresh and modern

This is a sight we're more accustomed to.

Lovely neutral mosaic tiles, a fresh bathroom blue on the walls and modern suite items, make this space far less cloying and old-fashioned.

4. Before: So..much… no!

Why is it so dark in here? Why are the tiles the wrong way up? And who would ever use a bath that creepy and hidden away?

It's giving us hives just looking at it.

4. After: All the yes!

There's nothing to not love about this space now.

Bright lighting, cool colour scheme, a big mirror to enlarge the space and that funky rustic dresser is the cherry on top. 

Utterly lovely!

5. Before/After: Small but impactful

This might be a tiny little bathroom but it still deserved a lot more style than it started with. 

The mosaic tile trims look wonderful and add elegance, while recess shelving makes the most of the available space. Clever stuff!

For more renovation inspiration, take a look a this Ideabook: 5 Sensational Bedroom Renovations You Can Copy.

What would you love to change about your bathroom?

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