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Top 5 Projects of the Week: Outdoor DIY Projects to Sneaky Gardening Cheats

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Ignore that knock at the door. Switch your phone onto silent. Get comfortable and then let's take a few minutes to have a look back at our superstar Ideabooks of the last week here on homify.

All votes were cast (by you) and we take the pleasure of presenting them here. In no particular order (scroll down for that!) we'll see; some fantastic outdoors DIY projects you can try; common front garden mistakes you should try to avoid; DIY mistakes people often make inside the home; some some yet stylish bedroom design and, last but not least, sneaky gardening cheats, which we won't tell anyone you read if you don't!

Time's a-wasting so let's jump to it…

1. Head-Turning Garden Features You Can Build Yourself

You can really set your garden apart just by adding a couple of stand out features, but don't panic that you'll need to hire professional gardeners or even builders to do this for you.

With a host of online tutorials at your fingertips, finding simple to follow instructions for everything that we're suggesting today will be easier than you think and your garden will definitely thank you for it. From DIY patio furniture to self-hung sun shades, we know you've got the right stuff to see all of these projects through to completion.

Let's see which one you choose!

2. Common Front Garden Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Creating the perfect front garden can seem like a daunting task and plenty of people get it wrong, which is why we've pulled together some of the most common mistakes so you can avoid them.

Some are more obvious, whereas others are little tricks that gardeners might not want you knowing. Take a look at what not to do and see how you can create the perfect first impression for your home!

3. DIY Mistakes You Probably Make (And How to Fix Them)

It has happened to most of us home improvement novices: we read those instructions carefully, did what we thought we were supposed to do, but in the end our results were not what we expected – and they didn’t match those glossy, high-quality pictures that we saw online.

Don’t fret – interior designing and home touch-ups are hardly brain surgery, which means you can always have another go at it. But first up: repairing those slip-ups with some expert tips.

4. Super Small Yet Hugely Inspiring Bedrooms

cs Minimalist balcony, veranda & terrace

If any room in your home can stand to be on the more compact side, it's your bedroom. All you really do in there is sleep and you won't be noticing the petite dimensions in your dreams!

A small boudoir doesn't have to be a boring or unstylish one though, as this article will demonstrate. Interior designers are constantly battling with smaller rooms that still deserve flair and personality and there are some wonderful examples out there, just waiting to inspire you.

5. Sneaky Gardening Cheats You'll Be Glad You Tried

We'd all love to have an amazing garden that leaves guests in awe of our horticultural skills, but how many of us have the requisite skills or free time to achieve it? Furthermore, the effort needed could also put off many. Until now, that is!

We've found some amazing gardening cheats that will not only have your outdoor space looking like a professional landscaping team constructed it, but will also require minimal hard work or time.

If you're ready to get the look without the cost or hard work, let's get to it…

Let us know which article was your favourite, below!

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