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Finkeldei Polstermöbel GmbH Living room
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A beautiful word for a beautiful piece of interior décor, the chandelier is a truly timeless addition to the modern living space, something that has adorned and graced the greatest and most lavishly palatial living rooms for hundreds of years. From the neo-Baroque chandeliers of Napoleon’s day, to the gilded wooden varieties of old Bohemia, to modern day wedding cake chandeliers of contemporary Europe, chandeliers have always been synonymous with elegance, charm and aristocratic allure. These days, you don’t have to be a conqueror or descendent of the royal line to appreciate the gloriousness of a light chandelier in the comfort of your own home. No less deluxe for their popularity and modern accessibility, chandeliers today are a common addition to even the humblest of dining, living and entertainment spaces—and here are a few wonderful examples of some of the best. 

Take a stroll through these gorgeous homes and take some tips on how you might like to incorporate these eternally gorgeous accoutrements to the ceilings of your home too.

The classic: palatial and extravagant

This chandelier epitomises everything that a traditional and lavish chandelier ought to be: huge, glittery, swank and with perhaps just the right amount of ostentation. When you want your light fittings to say ‘hey there, look at me!’ do it in glistening style, and that is just what this huge chandelier achieves. This opulent cluster of gleaming crystal does however, blend in extremely well with the historic and classical furniture that surrounds it—comfortable seating, heavy curtains, and gold ceiling embellishments, this chandelier is a timeless reminder of lustrous ballrooms, prosperity and classic elegance.

The showpiece: art deco glamour

Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern living room



Are you perhaps after something with a decent amount of bling but slightly less flamboyance? Consider a chandelier that conveys modern glamour and charm, but also exhibits restraint and grace. This chandelier does just that—perfect for a classic or modern space, this light fitting is a showpiece, a talking point and it helps brings the design of the room together. To emulate this in your own domestic space, be brave, install a grand chandelier that acts as an attraction to your room, combine with clever pieces of luxe furniture, and your room can't help but exude charm and refinement.

The dressing room: bold and lavish

For those of us who dream of dressing rooms vast enough to hold a large square padded seat on which to dress and groom ourselves, a chandelier seems like a perfectly appropriate addition. If the luxury, opulence and extravagance of a dressing room simply isn’t enough, why not add a statement piece that demands attention, declares magnificence and provides a delicately filtered glow to the clothes-donning space? This chandelier contrasts perfectly with the stark and crisp white joinery, provides interest to the space and reflects wonderfully against the floor to ceiling mirror. Do yourself a favour, get a dressing room, and then get a chandelier for it!

The contemporary: plush and eye-catching

Cheval Three Quays Forme UK
Forme UK

Cheval Three Quays

Forme UK

This contemporary styled chandelier works in perfect harmony with this room—it’s delicate glass baubles reflect the light shining onto them, creating a magical and almost hypnotic glow that diffuses throughout the room and provides a soft and warm glow to the entire living space.

The eclectic, blue-flocked statement piece

An electric blue flocked 8 lamp Jasmine chandelier Thomas & Vines Ltd Living roomLighting
Thomas & Vines Ltd

An electric blue flocked 8 lamp Jasmine chandelier

Thomas & Vines Ltd

Are you looking to add something bright and eye catching to your domestic space? A statement chandelier could be just the item you are looking for! Perfect for creating a chic and modish edge to your living room, this flocked ultramarine toned chandelier takes a classic and elegant shape and revitalises it into something enchanting. Perfectly achievable in your own abode, this style can be replicated by incorporating vintage furniture, interesting wall decor, white walls and seating and a bright centrepiece light fitting or flocked chandelier.

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