Sumptuous spas for winter

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Does it get any more luxurious than having 24-7 access to an in-house spa bath? After all, when the temperature plummets into the negatives and the harsh winter sets in, a domestic spa setup can be the difference between a winter huddled and wished away, and a winter embraced and well spent. Imagine the scene: grey skies and chill outside, perhaps a little snow on the ground, flitting through the icy air; there you are, bubbling away in a steaming hot spa, glass of champagne in hand, unwinding in the glorious, therapeutic warm water. Having a spa at home can be a dream come true, and the best thing is that it’s not only possible but these days highly affordable and accessible too. 

Take a look at these incredibly enticing examples of in-house spa bath glory and consider bringing a little wintertime luxury into the privacy of your very own home. You won’t regret it!

The ‘all in’

Here’s a fantastic all-in-one setup—breathe in the open air out in the backyard, take a dip, a few laps, then warm yourself in the bubbling coddle of the spa bath all in the same few motions. Great for the kids and adults alike, this is an attractive multi-purpose overground pool-spa setup that work fabulously to fill out a sparse backyard space and justify an additional relaxation deck or entertainment space. Neat!

Therapy spa

Sometimes, the cosiest and most relaxing of bath experiences can only be found in the secure, inviting confines of your very own bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you ought to settle for a run-of-the-mill bathtub. In this fabulous example, the designers have gone to town and installed a gorgeous, cutting edge internal spa to trump the pre-existing standard option. No longer just a place to wash, this is a room to lock yourself away from the stresses of the world and completely lose yourself in the throes of therapeutic relaxation. A setup not too dissimilar to a professional day spa!

The spa parlour

Of course, spa bathing isn’t always about the personal experience alone. Sure, having a tranquil, watery relaxation chamber to call your very own is always a great and highly desirable thing—but what if you want to share that relaxation experience with others? Here, we see a great, full size spa bath experience, perfect for one or a party of eight. The family will love you for this addition, as will the guests at your next dinner party!

Wild whirlpool

Talk about a wild scene! Imagine kicking back in this steaming hot bubbling whirlpool while you watch the windy, wild outdoor scene outside this full length floor to ceiling feature window. As well as meeting the relaxation purpose, this spa pool setup brings with it some truly immaculate aesthetic touches—beautiful toned sauna wood trim for the floor and walls, a trio of delicate, embedded red lights for the ceiling, and those tender evening moments when you want to turn it down and tune out a little.

Terrace transcendence

There's no better spot for a spa bath than on your terrace or balcony. If you happen to be blessed by ample outdoor space, whether in a backyard or an elevated apartment setting, a neat, simple and elegant four-seater like this one will really tie the place together. Sit back, relax and bubble away under the light, warming glow of the morning sun. Cacti and baby palms set the mood to even greater effect here, and the bamboo wall trim provides thoughtful privacy without blocking out too much goodness.

Stairway to heaven

Perhaps Led Zeppelin were singing about a mythic Valhalla, or perhaps they had this incredible spa setup in mind when they wrote their most famous hit. There’s something about that warming ‘sauna’ wood panel finish that expresses so much invitation, allure and comfort. You can just smell the bubbling spa spray and the wood finish—in a word: divine.

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