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Not all of us were blessed with hectares and hectares of available grounds, ripe and ready to host a multitude of blooming flowers, sky-high trees, and an abundance of other garden beauties.

Having said that, there is no reason why your modest little ground/lawn surface can’t be transformed into an exceptional spot of florals, regardless of its size – it’s all about clever planning and planting (see what we did there?).

To help you out of that tight spot, find herewith nine ingenious tricks that can make any small outdoor space seem like a lush and blooming garden.

1. Plant flowers near entryways

Spruce up an entryway by planting flowerbeds and shrubs, or placing attractive pots and planters around it. 

If that entryway to your garden seems more striking and inviting, people will focus more on its look and less on its size.

2. Plant shrubs at the ends

If you plant shrubs at the far end of your garden, it will obscure the boundary and make the garden’s size less tangible. 

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3. Blur the lines between house and landscape

Soften the borders of your garden by creating a seamless visual transition between ground and house. 

Plan your landscaping so that balance is created between your home and the adjoining plants, making the two appear to fit together naturally.

4. Soften the borders

Plant a few climbing plants to break up the harsh appearance of those walls and garden fencing. This will also help in transcending boundaries between your garden and house.

5. Bring in some levels

Don’t have spacious grounds for your dream garden? Make the most of that small area by creating levels or tiers in your yard to give yourself more room for planting. 

This will also aid in making your garden seem more striking and unique, detracting focus from the lack of space.

6. Plan your garden size

Plan before you plant – strategising the size of a garden and its plants/flowerbeds/features will ensure that the space does not look cramped or overpowered afterwards.

7. Opt for curved pathways

Faced with a small or narrow garden? Opt for a curved path or stepping stones as opposed to a straight pathway. And stagger plants on each side of the pathway to achieve an asymmetrical balance. This will greatly maximise the space and allow guests to wander around your garden for longer, making it seem much bigger.

To boost its brightness level, use light-coloured stones for your pathway.

8. Be clever with water features

Don’t have room for a majestic duck pond? Saw a barrel in half and use the lower portion as lining for a very small pond. It’s all that is needed to attract a few butterflies and birds. 

Or opt for a wall-mounted fountain if you don’t have adequate legroom for a pond.

9. Separate your vegetable garden

Bring in some standing trellises to support any vegetables you may be growing. This works two-fold: it draws the eye upwards, allowing the guest to take in the vertical space of the garden instead of the (small) horizontal one; and it keeps those veggies away from animals (including the neighbour’s pesky cat) who may be roaming around in search of a snack. 

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Got any other space-inducing tricks to share with us?

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