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Mighty oakwood homes

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As we all know, homes come in many shapes, sizes, materials and textures. From industrial concrete to rustic wood, it's difficult to choose what material will be the main sculpting material of our home. This is especially true when the exterior of the home bleeds into the interior décor of the house. This is the case here as we look through oakwood homes. 

Oak is one of those woods that will never go out of fashion, whether it's used in constructing your home or to accessorise its interior. Here, we shall see numerous homes that base their exterior aesthetic around oak, with doors or an outside lean-to, but also homes that have welcomed oak inside. From oak based kitchens to oak stairways, this versatile material can be used in so many different ways!

Mixed materials

View from the Utility PAN|brasilia UK Ltd Eclectic style kitchen
PAN|brasilia UK Ltd

View from the Utility

PAN|brasilia UK Ltd

Mixed materials can often work beautifully but not many pull it off like this kitchen does. The deep oak of the cabinet doors, left with their natural knots and grains, contrasts the darker concrete slate of the sink and worktops. These materials meet in harmony, showing off one another's best qualities. It's a wonderful contrast between the natural and the industrial. If you're looking for a more eclectic, unusual kitchen, oakwood works well with numerous other materials.

Knocking on wood

Malton Diamond Double Side Panel Door Set Modern Doors Ltd Windows & doors Doors
Modern Doors Ltd

Malton Diamond Double Side Panel Door Set

Modern Doors Ltd

This wonderful oak front door is truly a warm welcome into any home. It's impressive without being overly ornate; elegant with no fuss. The glass panes are sectioned into two panels on either side, along with another two, shorter ones, on the door itself. This allows lots of natural light into the hallway and creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere to step into. Oak is the ideal wood to use as a front door material; it's easily recognised, impresses guests, and has a lovely air of homeliness—sometimes unachievable when using other materials. 

Oak frames

Oak Timber Frame House Extension, Gatley, Cheshire, Manchester Grant Erskine Architects Classic style dining room
Grant Erskine Architects

Oak Timber Frame House Extension, Gatley, Cheshire, Manchester

Grant Erskine Architects

Outside oak not only looks amazing but also wears well on a practical level. Oak takes a very long time to weather, making it the perfect, sturdy wood to have on the outside of your home. Here, the frame on the overhang across the patio is constructed from oak, with lovely beams reaching up toward the angular roof. Matching this is the frame from for the double French doors, also made from a beautiful, natural oak. 

Opulent stairs

Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Corridor, hallway & stairsAccessories & decoration
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

This is simply the staircase everyone wants in a modern home. The handrail matches the steps themselves, both fashioned from a manicured oak. We can just see the sun hit the surface of the steps, showing a glowing tone of fine polished wood. In contrast, the black bars rising from the steps to the handrail, alongside the main supporting pole, stand out starkly against the lighter wood. There are few things more elegant than a contemporary, spiral staircase.  

Dark oak, light surroundings

This kitchen uses not only mixed materials, but, more strikingly, extensive contrasts in colour. The dark, polished oak of the kitchen table and the left hand side of the worktops match beautifully, working together across the room to bring in the darker colours. However, the rest of the kitchen is predominately white—lit exceptionally well by the skylights to the side. This creates an air of refined sophistication; a kitchen we would all love to cook in. 

Bright and breezy

This is a completely different style of oak staircase. Made from the one material, a lovely light oak, this staircase uses the brightness of the wood tone to really made this staircase shine. Rising from the back wall are built in bookshelves, each with its own downlight attached to the bottom of the shelf. The shelves are sculpted from the same wood, bringing together two features in perfect harmony. 

Colour me oak

Entrance Porch / Green Oak Architects Scotland Ltd Country style corridor, hallway& stairs
Architects Scotland Ltd

Entrance Porch / Green Oak

Architects Scotland Ltd

Here we see another welcoming oak door, yet this time only the frame and surrounding structure has maintained its natural shades. The door itself has been painted a beautiful, languid blue. It's the perfect colour for a calm, comforting entranceway, or a contemporary rustic country cottage. The paint work on this door shows the incredible versatility of the material: oak truly is king when it comes to resiliance against time, both in practical and fashionable senses.

Impressive dining

Formal Dining Room, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Eclectic style dining room
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Formal Dining Room, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Take a look at this dining room. You're impressed, right? It's regal. It's opulent. It's everything you want in an elegant dining room. Everything from the overhead candles to the deep maroon of the feature walls, which match the seat material—everything is designed to impress. The favourite feature of this room, though, is that absolutely stunning oak dining table. Just look at the designs carved into the table legs and edges; swirling patterns which just prove attention to detail can really transform a room. 

Natural and new

Here we see two sets of doors, each framed by oak. They face out onto the outside decking area, the light, manicured oak contrasting wonderfully with both the darker wood of the deck and the glass panels which make up the doors themselves. Again, oak is a wonderful wood in to sculpt the outer architecture of your home, as it wears well against time and the elements. Having it backing out onto the garden is a lovely idea, both for practicalities sake, and also as it blends beautifully with any style of garden; whether it's eclectic, traditional or otherwise.

Outer oak

This oak frame lean-to is a magnificent addition to a wonderful renovation project by Architects Scotland. It houses all service elements for the building, including an open log  storage area for any roaring fires waiting to be lit on a cold winter's night. This is a truly charming and quaint addition to a gorgeous building, made to feel homely and cosy with the natural oak wood. 

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