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Nine Ways to Get your House Ready for Market

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Selling a house isn't all about last minute prep, like baking cookies so that the house smells nice. No, these tips are far bigger, and some of them aren't even visible! Yes, these selling techniques require time, but they're important elements of your home that will ultimately win a buyer's heart. Go through this check list with us to make sure you've considered everything. 

1. Update the Front Entrance




You know that first impressions are important, but you've probably stopped paying serious attention to your entryway. It's just that you're too familiar with it to see it the way a buyer will. So ask one of your friends who doesn't visit too often to check out your entryway. Let them tell you the honest truth! Make sure that you consider touching up the paint, trimming back the bushes, and bringing in as much natural light as possible. 

2. Renovate the All-Important Kitchen

We know, you think that kitchen renovations are a hassle. Buyers agree with you! That's why they much prefer a house that's kitchen is modern and recently updated. It might be a big undertaking, but it will pay off too! This kitchen had a miraculous transformation, check the whole renovation out for some great tips. 

3. Make Your Bathroom Basic

Eaton Mews North - Master Bathroom Roselind Wilson Design Modern bathroom
Roselind Wilson Design

Eaton Mews North—Master Bathroom

Roselind Wilson Design

The second most important room in a buyer's eyes is the bathroom. All too often, homeowners have very personal tastes in bathroom decor and that can alienate many potential buyers. Try renovating your bathroom to be appealing to as many different tastes as possible. Keep clutter off the counters and try to make everything feel comfortable. 

4. Consider Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficiency isn't just for those with an environmental consciousness. All buyers will look at energy efficiency as money saved, even if an energy efficient house is more expensive than it's inefficient neighbour! 

There are a few ways to increase the efficiency of your home, even for small budgets. You can install new insulation; install new windows that have better glazing or that are more air-tight; install new energy-efficient light bulbs; or even update your heating and cooling systems. Make sure that your real estate agent knows all about the changes you've made, they can tell the buyers and their agent all about it. 

5. Dramatize Views

SUNSET STRIP RESIDENCE McClean Design Modern living room
McClean Design


McClean Design

If your home has wonderful views make sure that the buyers will notice them. Do everything from pulling back curtains to knocking down walls, or simply make the windows themselves larger. Buyers know that they can change any of your decor choices, but this view and the natural light that comes with it is a permanent feature of the house. So play it up! 

6. Clean Up Gardens, Even the Small Ones

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden homify Modern garden

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


City-dwellers aren't strangers to the ill-used and neglected backyard. All buyers feel like a yard that needs a lot of work is a burden, and it won't be a selling point even for avid gardeners. Spruce up your yard as much as you can. Add simple seating to make it feel usable. Trim back plants and replace any that are dead or dying. Even add potted plants, that you can bring with you. Just the suggestion of the happy space that your backyard could be will be more appealing to a buyer than an empty one. If you're not exactly the green-thumb type you might need some inspiration and we have plenty of cute little gardens where this came from!

7. Add Mirrors to Small Spaces

Highgate TG Studio
TG Studio


TG Studio

The best way to make any small or dark room more appealing is to install a mirror. It reflects any light and makes the room feel more spacious, you'll notice the difference right away. If you really want to make a space more bright, consider installing a skylight. This feature really wows potential buyers. The lovely mirror and skylight combination that you see above is from the renovation of a cramped little townhouse that became fantastic. You can check out the whole renovation here

8. Storage Space is Key

You might be hesitant to add in new storage space, considering you won't be using it for long. However, there's two great benefits that come with extra storage that you'll want to consider. First, storage can make an unused area of a home seem more practical. This adds huge value in a buyer's eyes. Just consider the top space above the stairs in this home. It would feel empty and useless without that shelf. Second, extra storage space will make your home feel neater and less cluttered. Most buyers just can't look past clutter, even though they try. 

9. Take the Plunge

It seems like a huge undertaking to add a pool to your home now, but the value it adds can be remarkable. The most popular luxury feature that buyers want is a pool and many will be willing to compromise on other factors if your home has one. It doesn't have to be huge either, smaller pools are becoming more popular, especially the single-row pools that are just enough space for a swimmer to do some laps. There are other styles you might consider (maybe even for yourself?) among these divine pools

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