Top 5: Innovative Gardens to Kitchens Designs for Star Signs

Leigh Leigh
Diego Alonso designs Modern kitchen
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This week, we have some real treats in store for you today! We bring you an array of designs from top professionals from around the world, which will inspire and motivate you when it comes to your own home!

From stunning gardens to small homes, we will learn a few tips of the trade all in one go! There's no shortage of creativity or innovation in each and every one of these impressive projects.

Let's take a look!

1. The enchanting front garden

Your front garden is the first impression that people get of your home so it should look beautiful and charming. Even if you don't have too much space to work with, you should ensure that you have an array of plants, trees and flowers.

In this design, we can see how a stone patio has been integrated into the lush forest that surrounds this home. Flower beds and lanterns have been implemented throughout the vicinity of the home, however, to create a bit more organisation and design strategy.

Have a look at these 10 ideas for a stunning front garden.

2. Solving the small home

Contemporary Living Room homify Living room

Contemporary Living Room


There is so much creativity and innovation to be explored when it comes to small home designs. In this ideabook, we take you through easy tips that show you how you can expand your small home in a matter of minutes.

In this image, for example, we can see how the designers have paired light and bright colours with black walls, which distracts from the small size of this living room. The bold and big artwork adds a very stylish touch to the space, while visually expanding the wall.

Have a look at these easy tips to grow your small home's appeal.

3. What's your sign?

Modern meets Edwardian. Rencraft Classic style kitchen

Modern meets Edwardian.


In the next ideabook, we explore some modern and magnificent kitchens from top professionals from around the world and figure out what kitchen is the best for your specific star sign. 

You'll find this project one of the most interesting—the question is, what's your sign?

Have a look at: the best kitchen for each zodiac sign.

4. A family affair

A family home doesn't need to be boring or uninspiring, as we can see in this design by Casa Marques Interiors. In fact, a family home can be one of the most beautiful and striking pieces of architecture on the block. 

minimalist and sleek design can be very inspiring, creating a cutting-edge home. 

Have a look at this soft, seductive family home.

5. The cube home

We end off our top 5 looking at this incredibly cube-shaped home by Thule Blockhaus GMBH, which is incredibly sleek and stylish.

The entire wall at the front is made from glass, allowing the interior and exterior spaces to mesh with one another. This also allows the home to be filled with sunshine and fresh air.

Meet Kubu: the charming quickly built cube home.

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