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Stunning senso flooring

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Senso flooring is the latest in cool floor design. They are unique and are the highest standard in resin flooring.  A senso floor is often seamless, providing a one of a kind look that is easy to maintain. This type of floor is  strong, durable and come in a variety of styles to fit any room and design intention. Senso flooring is also great for its practical use and efficiency and low maintenance upkeep. Whatever style you desired, senso flooring can help achieve that look. Take a look at these ten stunning senso flooring ideas to provide inspiration for you today.

Scattered brown

Senso flooring doesn't just have to be a solid colour. There are so many design options which is why it is so desirable to work with. This gorgeous senso flooring really stands out and makes this room unique. It's brown colour looks awesome with small flecks of several shades of brown. This gives a really cool effect of a patterned and textured floor. Step up the design factor with this unique senso flooring that would be a perfect floor for a kitchen that your feet will love.

Cream machine

Create a cream machine by working with this neutral, yet fashionable shade. This hallway uses senso flooring in a really light, cream colour that looks refreshing. It is a great match against the light wood colour of the walls and doors. This look is classic, and will always look in vogue. It is perfect for a relaxing bedroom, zen bathroom, or welcoming hallway. Work with cream senso flooring for a look that will please everyone.

A perfect finish

This senso flooring adds to the really cool, hip vibe of this room. The finish makes the floor seem like its glass, so the couch appears to be floating a bit. The floor is the same dark grey colour of the wall, creating a nice flow between the two. The finish on the floor makes the room really unique and chic. Guests will be wowed and won't ever want to leave.

Grey flooring

Be cool with grey when using this senso flooring. It gives a very modern and minimalist look while providing a slight hint of contrast with just a bit of texture in the shades of grey of the floor. This is the perfect neutral colour to serve as the basis for a room design. The designer chose to go with creams and browns with two hip chairs that definetly go with the modern theme. Grey is alway a winner, be a bit different with this senso flooring that will make any room become an instant favourite.

Cool blue

Play with colour and create a cool blue retreat in a bathroom with this awesome senso flooring. This beautiful shade of blue really pops. The seamless nature of the floor along with the colour makes the floor seem like it is the ocean itself, a very cool look for a bathroom. With blue patterns walls and white bathroom fixtures, this bathroom has a very oceanic feel. What a great look to enjoy everyday!

Silver sheen

This senso flooring has a cool silver sheen to it that adds a bit of texture to the space. The sheen reflects the natural light coming in from the floor to ceiling windows, and so has a nice glow to it that opens up the space even more. A really light silver shade in colour, the floor has a modern feel that would also work great with minimalist design. Against the black outline of the windows, this area looks extremely chic and is a great introduction to a posh home.

Sleek black

Wall Panels 3D - Dunes Modern walls & floors

Wall Panels 3D—Dunes

Looking for a chic, modern design? Try going with black senso flooring. Black is smooth, mature, stylish and hip. It will not disappoint, and surely doesn't in this room either. The black floor looks funky and cool in this room. The modern furnishing and interesting wall add to the flavour of the room, which feels like it was taken right from the future. Get on board and try black senso flooring for a look that is sleek and out of this world… or at least time period!

Bold colour

It doesn't get much more bold than red, right? If a bold statement is desired then why not go with this rich colour? The hot red senso flooring of this room adds a bunch of personality and character to the space. As the platform for a concrete wall with unique cutouts, this room becomes ultra modern and fashionable. The floor stands out and makes this space truly unforgettable.

Rough texture

The senso flooring in this hallway brings in a sense of the outside indoors. It's pattern lends itself to the texture and look of sand, which has a really interesting pattern and look. Coupled with the stone pattern of the walls, this entire indoors hallway has the feel that it is part of the outdoors, maybe of a nearby park. This eclectic look shows that senso flooring has no limit to design, whatever one fancies can be achieved! For a truly unique look using senso flooring, this one is a sure winner.

Serene and bright

For a bright, white and relaxed feeling, choose an off-white colour to bring balance and harmony into your space. Choosing a darker shade for the flooring, also adds depth to the room and grounds the entire space together with the brilliant white walls. By adding a splash of colour with the painting and exposing the beautiful blue ocean outside with the window open, gives an overall feeling of bliss and serenity. 

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