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Modern floral prints and how to utilise them

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While very few of us baulk at the chance to smell the roses—literally and figuratively—floral motifs in interior design sometimes conjure slightly distasteful images of gnarly retro wallpapers and rather out-dated kitsch aesthetics. But to close to door on floral motifs as a viable interior deign option based on these few misgivings alone would be a great injustice—floral prints, when used wisely and thoughtfully, can really bring a domestic space to life in ways that basic paint, colour and even visual murals can’t and won’t. Floral print can gives an essence of freshness and nature to an otherwise lifeless or drab interior space. But there are a few caveats and pointers to consider before you go wild with the floral designs. As exemplified by the following fantastically floral examples, floral print really works when it’s used in context, with balance, accord, and a light, artful touch. With the right aesthetic sensibility, floral print can really open your home up to all sorts of new possibilities! 

Take a flick through and get a few fabulous tips on how to work a little floral magic in your cherished private domains.

Sensuous violet bedroom

Tropical Night silk bed linen homify BedroomTextiles Silk Purple/Violet

Tropical Night silk bed linen


What more could you ask for than a bedroom that just screams taste, comfort, cosiness and opulence? This sumptuous silk bed set with bold white print counteracts the usual predictability when it comes to floral bed sheets. It has embraced a daring yet indulgent approach to bedroom design and, coupled with the matching wall decor, ensures this room is one to stand out from the crowd. Consider incorporating dark timber furniture, tropical green plant life and daring crystal accessories for a truly outstanding sleeping chamber.

Bright, light child’s room

Floral print does not have to remind us of that dowdy old sofa Nanna kept in her formal living space, nor the kitchen curtains that had lived a few too many moons—now, floral print can be utilised in a number of spaces, including cherished kids bedrooms. Simply consider a print that is fresh, crisp, and youthful and pair it with similarly hued patterned wallpaper and contrasting or coordinating furniture. As we can see in this example, a simple white bedroom can be transformed with floral curtains, polka dot wallpaper and matching accessories.

Modern matching bespoke bedroom

Are you looking to include some floral bursts into your boudoir but aren’t willing to settle for anything drab or frumpy? Look no further than a modern floral print that just radiates flair and contemporary chic elegance. These days there is a plethora of floral printed bed sets that can overwhelm even the savviest shopper. If you are unsure how to pick the correct pattern remember to choose something that immediately entices you, something exciting, and something you feel comfortable with. If however you do not see ‘the one’, consider heading to a fabric shop, picking some samples and taking them home to test out with your decor. Bespoke bedroom sets can be commissioned easily from many custom linen houses; this gives the additional benefit of including a matching lamp shade and perhaps wall decor as well.

Floral feature

If you really want to make a statement, consider a floral printed wall—not the dated and common old watercolour roses you see on decades old kitchen curtains, but something bold: a digital printed wallpaper that just radiates colour and life into your space. Many wallpaper options exist these days and digitally printed images can inject a room with life, vivacity and verve. Go ahead, be audacious, and choose something individual and wild!

Classic elegance

If bold digitally printed floral wallpaper is a little too ‘out there’ for your taste and aesthetic, consider a classic yet contemporary decor that incorporates a stylish version of the much loved and cherished floral couch. Here we see traditional seating paired with a clean crisp interior design of white walls, natural whitewashed floorboards and contrasting dark mahogany furniture—truly a room that has poise and presence without pretension.

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