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Tips for decorating a small balcony

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Is there anything more inviting and desirable than a fully functional, well appointed outdoor balcony or terrace space in the summertime? Even in the chilly hold of winter, a balcony can provide a great temporary breathing station and inspiration point (but the warmth of summer is certainly when it comes into its own). While large, free roaming balconies make incredible entertainment spaces for lazy twilight drinks and BBQ grill parties, for most of us, even a tiny balcony space will have to suffice. In fact, with a bit of artistic design sensibility and a few tricks and tips, even the quaintest of outdoor balconies can breathe and really come alive. Dealing with an underused, cloistered or confined outdoor balcony space? Take a walk through these neat examples of fantastic balcony revamps and turn yours into the elegantly appointed mini-terrace of your dreams! 

Make your space as inviting and functional as possible—all it takes is a touch of inspiration, a sprinkle of imagination and a bit of know-how.

Colourful cushions

Your balcony may be tiny, but it certainly does not have to be dull! Inspire some conversation and comfort into your space with a range of coordinating and contrasting throw cushions—not only do they spice up the space, but they also make a rather pale and uncomfortable marble seat ooze charm and relaxation. Moreover, throw cushions are an easy way to alter your decor to the changing design trends; pick colours and styles of the season and when you are fed up with them, simply replace the cover with a new and interesting design.

Multi-purpose/adaptable furniture

Is it a green wall? Is it a storage space? Is it a terrace table? Yes! This versatile multi-purpose piece of furniture is an ideal example for how you can pick adaptable items that can help you utilise your small space. This particular example from Clément Lagneau shows how one piece of furniture can transform your space—it holds your herbs and plants, provides storage for garden or outdoor dining goods and can seat up to six people as a table.

Simple timber decor

Tried and tested, simple, rustic and comfortable timber furniture never fails to meet the demands of the small balcony. This example shows how timber cladding to the exterior wall gives a sense of warmth and breaks up the monotony of the cream brick walls. The matching seat and table enhance the sense of friendliness and luxury, finally coordinated with white accessories to make the perfect outdoor retreat.

Movable/removable furniture

If you regularly host parties or get togethers, you will know how important it is to have a versatile space. When working with a small balcony, permanent immovable furniture can become a serious hindrance as it limits the volume of people who can enjoy the space. The solution? Implement pieces of furniture that can be moved or altered from their position. Consider this example, a luxurious and relaxing space for one can easily become a space for many by simply moving the banana lounge to the side wall and repositioning the tray table inside—this allows a space that is multi-purpose but does not compromise on style.

Incorporating greenery

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Many of us live in apartments these days, and it can be difficult to get a sense of nature when surrounded by a concrete jungle of tall buildings and bright lights. To combat this, inject a little greenery into your small balcony and watch your space transform into a lively space that is healthy and energised. The trick to ensure your space does not become overrun with a barrage of potted vegetation and crusty dying plant life is to pick the right variety—consult your local nursery and choose 5 or 6 semi-mature plants that are suited to the climate in your city.

Creating the right light

Light can play a major role in the enjoyment and ambiance of a space; too much light and you can hinder conversation and comfort, too little light and the space becomes disorientating and inconvenient. When picking light or light fittings for your space ensure you choose a warm mild toned globe, something that has a yellow or orange glow, and this will guarantee your space remains cosy, romantic and relaxing.

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