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7 of the best creative wall shelves

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You’re swimming in literature and trinkets, books and magazines, DVDs, videos and other bits and pieces; you’re in need of decent and ample shelf space. Traditionally, you might head down to your local Ikea, snap up a fickle few boards and nails with maddeningly difficult assembly instructions, and let your stuff sit on that space gathering dust without much additional thought. Shelving options have come a long way, and gone are those days of frustration and limitation folks! Why not transform your shelf space into a real talking point—something stylish, artistic and unique. Make your things sing! Here are seven of the most creative and boundary-pushing shelf designs on the market today; they’re all accessible, all wonderful, and all give a domestic space a slice of something indelibly unique. 

No longer do your titles and trimmings have to be relegated to a sedentary life on a dusty, derivative shelf setup—with these designs, they’ll be front row centre, putting on a show, a bonafide interior feature in their own right. Get inspired and install your very own unique wall system!

The eccentric decagon spin wheel!

Not quite a decagon, not quite a spin wheel, this eccentric, indefinable shelving setup will work a real treat to spice up your living or lounge room. With shelves angled left, right and not very centre, your art books, novels and prized sculptures will go from background noise to delicate wall features in this fantastic setup. Think outside the square, and go for a crazy spin wheel instead!

Matchstick railings

Now here’s a neat example of fresh shelving—a matchstick design, almost minimalist, with as much free flowing space as there is a tangible structure. Almost a mini-figurine house, without the walls and trimmings, this is a lovely addition to any lounge or sitting space, a lone work of art as well as a functional set up for shoes, plants, trinkets, books and bits. Multipurpose, sensitive and malleable to multiple settings—a fine option!

‘X’ marks the spots

Crucifixes or swords? Or just a sweet set up of fabulously artistic stand alone crossbow shelves. This is a real all one deal—avoid a chunky conventional shelving unit to save maximum wall space, generate ample shelf storage, while creating a unique wall feature design statement and talking point. Perfect for rooms with sparse walls and high ceilings, this is the ultimate warehouse setup.

Chic and unique

VISION Pastoe Living roomCupboards & sideboards



For something a little more design-conscious, sophisticated and modern, this shelving configuration has got your back. Comprising several different sizes, a unique blend of light-touch colours, this artistic collection of shelves makes a solid statement, while remaining functional and not throwing the balance out with the elements present in the rest of the room.


Think of this as the blown-up cross section of a wine holder, only a little more minimalist, mounted and ready to hold. A unique take on a minimalist shape; this makes for a lovely addition to any wall, offering ample shelf storage space for your books and knick knacks and a distinct element of personality and charm for your living space.

The cross-section collection

These ten different sized cross sectional circular rungs are such a unique take on the traditional shelving system, almost giving the impression that you’re staring from top-down rather than side to side—a very cool optical illusion. Plus, with these ‘wall-bins’, you’ll be able to store pretty much anything you want or need—wood blocks for the open fire, candles, sundry fruit and vegetables—as well as the requisite books and trinkets.

Stoic and sophisticated

Let’s not forget, however, that when something is far from broken, there’s no need to fix it—sometimes the most well-tested and revered conventions remain embraced for good reason. Here, a traditional approach proves its work just as well as any fancy, nouveau configuration: a humble, trustworthy, wall-embedded linear bookcase; classic, effortless, and classy in its own right.

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