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Glass corner shelves can be an easy and a pleasing alternative to wooden shelving. Corners can be dark enough without adding a further barrier to stop light getting to them. Standard wooden shelves are very practical and can look stunning. The benefits of glass over wood, in this instance, is that glass allows light to travel through it and helps light up the corners.

Glass can be cut to fit in any corner, whether the shelves are corner specific or rectangular shelves that sit in a corner, either way, they add a lovely element. The key point here is that they look wonderful, as well as serving a purpose. We have selected 10 different glass corner shelves that we think will give you some good inspiration.

Elegance and beauty

Elegance and style are abundant in this Tim Wood bathroom. The light colour scheme adds hugely to the sense of space it has. The shelves are built into the end of the bath, in essence creating a corner. The shelves are glass and the small light at the top shines down illuminating the entire unit. They offer the perfect place for storing bath oils and bubble bath, making them practical, as well as beautiful.

Grey matter

A grey bathroom could seem quite dull, or not a colour choice you would go for. However, we believe that you shouldn't be put off by doing something a little bit different. Grey doesn't have to be dull, it can actually help create a sophisticated bathroom and a space that is relaxing. These glass shelves don't detract at all from the simplicity of this bathroom. It is incredibly contemporary and modern looking, with some real classic elements.

Go retro

When choosing which sort of glass corner shelves you want, it is wise to consider all options. Firstly, which room are they for? Whether it is the living room or bathroom, make sure they fit in with the décor. A simple unit, like the one pictured here, is simple in design and will almost go in any room. It makes a perfect corner shelf because it fits beautifully in a corner space. The glass shelves are encased in metal, which gives it a classic and elegant look.

Mirrored glass

Mirrors really do help a space feel large and open. Shelving is always needed, and corners are an awkward space. It makes sense to utilise all of these, to create a storage solution that works to your advantage. These beautiful glass corner shelves work very well in this white bathroom. They have been accessorised with black items, to just add to the classic and contemporary feel.

Keep it small

If you don't have a lot of room in your bathroom, then it makes sense to keep things small. It is simple to add some storage, without taking up the whole of the room. Easy changes make the biggest of differences. For example, a shower shelf can really make a difference in any shower. A place to store shampoo and so on, without taking up any actual space is the key here.

Right into the corner

There is always the option to go right into the corner too! It doesn't have to be shelves that can sit in a corner, you could have a shower shelf like this one that has been specifically designed to fit into a corner. The pegs on this shelf are interchangeable, meaning you can create a space for each item you wish to place on it. It has a sense of fun to it as well, both in function and looks.


We love these glass corner shelves. The frosted glass is different to the others we have seen so far and it is very contemporary looking. The could go in any room where additional shelving is needed, they really have no bounds. Glass does work well in spaces such as a bathroom because they are impervious to steam, and unlike wood, they wont become damaged over time. They will look just this good for years to come.


A corner shelf is something that is in place to maximise space. We think if space is truly at a premium then you are just as well to really use the space to it's maximum potential. This cubed shelf looks stunning and has two levels of storage to use. It could handle a couple of hand towels on the lower portion, whilst holding all of your lotions and potions on the top section.

Double trouble

As you can see this kitchen is really rather small. Every space is needed, and has been used. The corner shelves mirror each other and really make the kitchen feel complete. The glass shelves inside house glasses and other items that need storage. As cupboard space is limited, the glass shelves really offer some much needed storage in this space. The see through fronts make the kitchen feel bigger too.

An industrial look

This beautiful kitchen is very industrial in design. The glass corner shelves sit quietly at the back, behind the really cool lights. The colour of the unit blends in effortlessly with the rest of the kitchen, and because the glass is translucent, you barely notice it. It uses the space in the wall very well and creates storage. Glass is a very industrial material so it fits in well with this kitchen. Glass is such a versatile material for shelving, you can mix it with any colour of cabinet, colour scheme or flooring and it will always match.

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