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Sitting Room Barkers Interiors Classic style living room
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Once the tiring tasks of organising the move into a new house or flat are all done, the fun part of decorating your new place finally begins. Everybody loves being at home because it is a space you have created to suit your personal taste and style. The living room is our relaxation haven; the place we migrate to after work, or spend hours in during a lazy day at home. Being such an integral part of our lives means creating a space we feel comfortable in, and one we can retreat to. Let's take a look at some of the best examples from our UK experts, and investigate how we can personalise our homes. After all, decorating is one of the fun reasons to have a home of our own! 

Throw rugs

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While the cold outside forces us to start spending more time on the couch, something to keep us warm while doing so seems logical. So, forget the fad of 'snuggies', and go with something a little more traditional, like a perfectly matched throw rug.

Floor rugs

Roger Oates Bespoke Rugs Roger Oates Design Classic style living room
Roger Oates Design

Roger Oates Bespoke Rugs

Roger Oates Design

An important element to the living room is the floor. It is the first thing people see when they enter, so if your floor is looking a little drab, or you need something a little warmer underfoot, a floor rug is the ideal choice. We love this classic grey, black and white rug, fitting with the monochrome palate of the existing furniture and decorations.


Cushions are an affordable way to make a big impact on a room. Be it in bedroom or in the living room, the mood can be instantly changed with the simple addition of throw cushions. Matching the tones in the sofa stitching, the lampshade, the pink in the rug and the floral design on the wallpaper, these cushions dramatically lift the energy this space creates.

Wall hangings

What better way to show your patriotism, than with a Union Jack hanging on your wall. A slightly different take on the traditional flag of the UK, this piece has extra little elements to turn an old classic into modern art.

Colour coding

Sitting Room in pastel shades Barkers Interiors Classic style living room
Barkers Interiors

Sitting Room in pastel shades

Barkers Interiors

Sometimes, a room calls for perfect colour coordination, such as in this classic living room setting. Luxurious textiles, bookshelves, an opulent mirror, the fireplace, tassels and soft cushions all come together to complete this beautiful room. The extra touch of class, however, comes from the lavender tones in the armchairs, cushions and lampshades; the ideal room to nestle into the couch with a good book.

Home entertainment system

Living Room Amina Modern living room

Living Room


If home entertainment is more your thing,  what better way to accessorise your living room with a home entertainment system, complete with all the trimmings? A more minimal approach to this space means the entertainment system, including speakers, have been cleverly tucked into the walls.

Coffee tables

A coffee table often sits in the centre of a living room, so it could be argued that it is the centrepiece of the space. If modern design is more your thing, this unique coffee table could suit your wishes better than the conventional notion of a four legged coffee table.

How do you like to accessorise in the living room? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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