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6 tricks to make your patio look brand new

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A lot of homeowners tend to view their patio as an extra part of the home that is more often unused than not. It's easy for this to occur, as the patio is an area of the home typically enjoyed during a limited time of year, and particular seasons. 

As something that needs extra upkeep and changing, this is quite understandable—but we hope to change this. A patio can give you an extra area to simply live—to read, to relax, to entertain and to grow vegetables and herbs to the fullest degree. If you begin by choosing the right materials, adding the right appliances and making sure to provide as much upkeep as possible, we promise that your patio will be an item to raise the worth of your home and the value of your lifestyle. 

1. Organised planting

As most patios are smaller than larger, it's important to maintain as much leg room as possible. Vertical planting and gardening is a perfect way to do this! 

Not only are there so many trends and DIY guides right now existing within vertical gardening, but there's also so many advantages for those homeowners wishing to garden and grow vegetables in such tight spaces. 

2. Keep the grounds clean

Most patios are equipped with tiles, wood or grass grounds and all three of these items will come with a different type of maintenance. Tile is the easiest to maintain—whereas grass will require more work—even more so than wood. Wood grounds will need to be stained year after year as the sun will bleach its colour and a proper sealing session is in store every few years. 

Keep all grass properly edged—and weeds at bay!

3. Weeding

In backyards and patios that are lucky enough to have a large grassy area, weeds will need to be kept in check as they can quickly turn a fabulous yard into an eyesore. 

Some homeowners opt for yard and landscaping services to come out and spray chemicals that will take care of weeds for months at a time, others wish to go with more eco-friendly options and and pick weeds by hand. Either way, make sure you destroy all weeds from the root as leaving it intact will mean a recurring mess! 

4. Keep the tiles clean

Tiles are by far the easiest type of ground to keep and maintain on a patio. Not only do they allow grass to grow between for a more rustic looks, but most stones won't get too hot in direct sunlight and they can easily be sprayed off in case of spills or messes.

5. It's all in the details

Just as any other part of your home, the value comes in the details and effort that you put forth. For your patio consider outdoor furnishing and textiles that are hemp or sisal-based and make sure that all appliances are suitable for the elements and weather in your region. Proper storage and covers are incredibly important here!

Smaller details—like textiles, flower pots, potted plants and even placeware can make your patio entertainment-ready in a flash!

6. Appropriate equipment

Really think about all your options here—grills, fryers, bug zappers, sustainable lamps and lighting and pizza ovens. All of these items and more can quickly turn your patio into family and party-central! As with any electronics and furnishings, invest wisely and get a lot of use out them!

We hope to that as the seasons approach for outdoor entertaining that you give your patio a little more tender love and care! Here at homify, we have some great patio inspiration!

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