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10 exquisite budget homes you can (possibly) afford

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It’s no secret that housing costs eat up a significant chunk of most people’s budgets. Throw in additional costs such as car payments and other lifestyle expenses, and thing could get quite crazy.

No wonder a lot of people are drawn to budget homes, which enable their dreams of home ownership, albeit on a smaller and most cost-effective level. That is why we decided to bring you 10 budget home designs to: 

a) Help inspire you, and 

b) Show you that ‘budget buying’ does not necessarily mean living small or cramped (on the contrary, some of our examples below seem quite spacious).

Where possible, we also included relevant pricing to assist with your budget planning. 

Let’s start!

1. The open-gable beauty

We kick off with a clean little model that looks like it belongs in a typical suburban neighbourhood filled with laughter and tranquillity. Spanning 148 square metres, this residence houses four bedrooms and three bathrooms (not too small, then), as well as a garage fit for two vehicles. 

Its total cost, including finishes? About £56, 230.

2. Country charm

Even if you can’t afford a house in the country you can still opt for this country-style charmer. With 118 square metres in size, this abode offers up three top-floor bedrooms. Even though it comes with no garage, it treats its owners to a spacious living room of about 40 square metres in size. 

All in all, this home will set you back about £49,173, including elegant finishes – not bad for country-style living!

3. Single-storey style

Our next model is a bit smaller, raking up about 103 square metres, but it’s nowhere near cramped. Including a garage, boiler room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it also presents a kitchen pantry (those clutter days are gone), as well as a quaint little backdoor terrace for some exterior R&R. 

All this for approximately £56,197, with finishes. 

Seeking a bathroom designer? Check out our list of professionals…

4. The holiday home

Whether it’s a golden-sand beach or the rural mountains, this house would look perfect just about anywhere. Its holiday-style design comprises 109 square metres, flaunts three upstairs bedrooms, appropriate living spaces on the ground floor, as well as a cosy little breakfast counter in the kitchen. 

Any residence that offers al fresco relaxing- and dining opportunities most certainly gets our attention.

5. Modest, yet marvellous

This little abode with its dormer window may be small in size, but still packs a big punch style wise. Spread out over 86 square metres, it is very similar to your average three-bedroom flat, yet also offers you sufficient exterior surfaces in the form of a terrace, lawn, and garden. 

For this suburban-type lifestyle you are looking at about £35,123 (finishes included).

6. A bold character

Now for something truly more decadent in looks. Spanning 133 square metres in size, this four-bedroom dream house also offers up a two-car garage, a kitchen (complete with island), a spacious upstairs balcony, as well as that elegant terrace seen in our image above. 

To call this residence “home” (and enjoy minimum finishes) would set you back a mere £32,782.

7. The modern looker

Our next model flaunts a deliciously modern look thanks to its choice of building materials (don’t you just love a good timber panelling?). Spanning 140 square metres in size, it offers up a garage, three bedrooms, and living areas contained in a convenient layout. 

And to keep those indoor temperatures as comfortable as possible, the structure has been insulated with mineral wool, and also treats you to a selection of radiators, as well as heated flooring. 

Asking price? Approximately £85,467, with stylish finishes included.

8. Stylishly symmetrical

This modern structure looks like it was carved with ultimate precision, presenting a very symmetrical vision in its façade. Offering up 220 square metres in layout, homeowners can be sure that an abundance of natural lighting is also part and parcel of the interiors, thanks to those generous windows and glass doors. 

And if you happen to have £70,247 lying around, she can be yours to enjoy.

9. A majestic vision

Now for something that is sure to please the space-conscious seekers: a 260 square-metre structure that offers up two large bedrooms, a home office, and a huge walk-in wardrobe (amongst other things). 

Asking price, including top-notch finishes? £99,516.

10. A clean-cut layout

We close off with something more down to earth, but far from boring: this single-floor modern house that spans 128 square metres presents a rather spacious living room, a two-car garage, three bedrooms, and an en suite bathroom connected to the master suite. 

For some fresh tips on getting those garden touches just right, have a look at: 17 Small And Inexpensive Garden Ideas For Your Home.

Which budget house are you already dreaming about?

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