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Gardening ideas for easy green space decoration

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Not all of us were born with green thumbs – that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy beautiful and lush-looking gardens and terraces that look like they were picked fresh from a high end gardening blog. 

A little time and dedication, a small budget, and some out-of-the-box thinking can turn your green space into a stylish spot that says “look at me”! 

Let’s see what some of our easy options are…

1. Bring out the furniture

Terrace with furniture Gardenplan Design Modern garden
Gardenplan Design

Terrace with furniture

Gardenplan Design

We don’t mean that you must move out your living room sofas to the garden/patio, but do invest in some outdoor furniture pieces to immediately boost those al fresco aesthetic levels. 

Look at the elegance created by the modern L-shaped sofa (complete with matching coffee table) when planted on this stone-clad patio. Who says you can’t have a luxurious outdoor living room for socialising and entertaining?

2. Add depth with colour

Whether it’s painting that garden wall or laying down vibrant scatter cushions, bright colours are your go-to idea for creating fresh and fun outdoor spaces. 

Come night or day, colour sets the mood for a space – and you can easily change up those tones to fit in with the theme, season, or look you’re after.

3. Create some contrast

Little Eden Aralia Country style garden Stone Beige

Little Eden


Combining several materials is one way to create contrast – but we’re not talking about mixing up tiled, stone, and wooden surfaces for your decking (too much hard work). 

Keep it simple: add some terracotta planters to your wooden deck. Or wooden ones on your stone-clad garden path. And opt for bricks and blocks as edgings to complement those slabs or gravel areas.

But do try and resist the urge to mix up too many textures and colours – you want that garden/outdoor space to look clean, uncluttered, and effortless.

4. Add some easy H2O

You don’t need to dig up an entire duck pond to enjoy the fresh and gentle ambience of a water feature.

A self-circulating option cuts expensive pond costs and is the ideal element to be nestled amongst your flowers and plants, or boost that patio’s tranquil look—particularly when you acquire the skills of a professional.

For a range of landscape architects and gardeners, be sure to check out our professionals page to help you sculpt your ultimate dream garden.

5. Opt for pots

Femkant Outdoor Concrete Planter In White Adam Christopher Design Garden Plant pots & vases Concrete White
Adam Christopher Design

Femkant Outdoor Concrete Planter In White

Adam Christopher Design

Those pots aren’t exclusive to annuals – you can adorn your garden / outdoor space with a range of pots and containers that can hold various small trees and shrubs to make a bold impact.

This can also add some terrific colour and texture to your garden.

6. Create height

Go Ju No Tou pagoda lantern Lush Garden Design Garden Accessories & decoration
Lush Garden Design

Go Ju No Tou pagoda lantern

Lush Garden Design

Whether it’s a garden or a terrace, you can easily give that outdoor space a lift by adding high points – whether it’s a tall potted tree or a concrete column.

The idea is to draw the eye upwards and have it take in the garden’s vertical space as well. Trellises and climbers can also work quite well. 

For for straightforward garden inspiration, don't miss these: 13 Golden Tips For Those Without Green Thumbs.

What other easy tips do you have to zhoosh up a garden?

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