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홍예디자인 Modern living room
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When working with a compact interior space, many find themselves confronted with design challenges regarding their desired aesthetic, and how to achieve the required ambience. Today’s feature home has managed to complete this task with flying colours. Seriously stylish, boasting a family-friendly atmosphere, this simple yet attractive apartment takes ordinary elements and spices them up with an efficient yet fashionable touch.

Domestic interior specialists Arched Design are responsible for the impressive overhaul, and showcase their talent by creating a café style apartment that is brimming with appeal and allure. Shaped and structured to provide comfort and an aura of conversational socialisation, the remodelled dwelling is striking and charming. Check it out below, and glean a few ideas for your own apartment or house today!

A clean and thoughtful entrance

First up, we take a peek at the entrance within the home. From this vantage we can see that the glazed doors open up to a sleek and interesting interior, while the neat grey hue presents a sophisticated aesthetic to those visiting.

Additionally, a small indoor plant has been placed carefully by the edge of the door, adding colour and life to the compact room. With recessed lighting, and plenty of storage space, this is a great start to this intriguing home.

The social, open-plan interior

The architects have created a standout space within this home, which is unquestionably the open-plan living area. Boasting a cohesive sense of openness, the architects and designers wanted to create a room that would promote conversation, and ensure movement within. 

To the right we see the aforementioned entrance door, while the large glazed windows bring ample illumination inside.

A considered approach to decorating

Each element has been carefully appraised and considered before being added to the interior design. As we take a look at the wall opposite the dining table, it is clear that this abode is far from ordinary. Two wonderfully engaging and serene wall hangings sit over the timber chair, while throw cushions employ comfort and style.

The colour scheme and palette within this main room of the apartment is predominantly white, with a light timber floor that brings an almost Scandinavian feel to the interior.

If you would like to emulate some of these aesthetics in your own abode, you might want to consider chatting to a professional. You can find a range of experts via the homify website and get started today!

The perfect serene retreat

One of my personal favourites within this interior is the balcony space. The ideal hideaway, this serene retreat bursts with tranquility and would suit those who seek a little solace from the rest of the household. 

Grab a book from one of the storage containers below the bench seat, brew a calming tea, and rejuvenate within this light-filled room.

Luxurious entry-level shower

In many apartments, the bathroom often suffers due to a lack of planning and space. Not so in this sleek Korean condo. Here the shower is large and luxurious, boasting small white tiles, and entry-level access.

A chef's kitchen

Further within the apartment we take a peek inside the cooking area. A real chef’s kitchen, this space is set up for those who like to get serious about their culinary endeavours. One of the most noticeable aspects to this design is the way designers have ensured a sense of spaciousness, crucial when cooking and preparing food.

The exposed and open shelves offer a country-style aesthetic, but also impart practicality and efficiency. Serviced by a large window at the end of the room, natural light is encourage to enter, but can be closed by a blue curtain for added privacy.

Family-friendly fun and relaxation

As if this home hasn’t enjoyed enough secret spaces and wonderful surprises, we enter the relaxation den. Set up for the family to watch television, rest and chill out after a long day, the area welcomes visitors with bean bag chairs, a tranquil colour palette and a bold red entertainment system.

A simple yet effective sleeping space

Finally, and to take a gander inside one of the most important rooms in a home, we enter the bedroom. Here the ambience is one of restfulness, paired with a harmonious collection of contrasting hues. The colour scheme matches the other areas of the abode, while sturdy, dark timber furniture is dramatic and eye-catching. 

Boasting a double bed, sleek wall-mounted air conditioner and large window, this room is wonderfully welcoming, and great for a peaceful night’s sleep

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