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Unless you live in a 10 room mansion, space will always be an issue in your life. The need to acquire more legroom has spawned numerous out-of-the-box solutions and gadgets. But we thought we’d tackle those often-overlooked storage ideas that most of us already have in our homes.

These clever space-saving ideas have proven their worth again and again, which is exactly why they deserve to be mentioned.

Scroll down and see which ones you’ve never thought of before…

1. Mezzanine

Going up has proven to be a rather clever trick at conjuring up more space, which is why we are so fond of mezzanine loft areas. 

Ideal for anything from an extra bedroom and reading area to games room or storage zone, a mezzanine loft is the number one go-to source for anybody requiring a bit of extra space.

2. Pedestal tables

Of course they save on space! 

Just think of how many more chair legs (and human legs, come to think of it) you can fit around that table when you don’t have to worry about bumping into the table legs.

3. Coffee tables that do storage

A coffee table with built-in storage compartments is truly a lifesaver for lounges, cleaning up anything from remote controls to weird little gadgets.

A truly smart small living room idea!

4. Sliding kitchen drawers

Not only can sliding kitchen drawers help you gain easy access to the far corners of a cupboard, but cleaning becomes so much easier!

Need a kitchen planner? See our list of professionals to help make your dream home come true.

5. Wall hooks

Simple wall-mounted hooks can clear up space in seconds, helping you store items like collapsible stools, foldable chairs, or even jackets and scarves for when there’s no room for cupboards or closets.

6. Nesting tables

They were big in the 70s, and now they’re back – just in more styles and colours!

Some options, as shown above, can be used for both stools and tables (and you know how much we adore double-duty furniture!).

7. Smart furniture

A smart wooden table with secret storage shelves could become a very clever space saver in a small home. 

Just push it up against the kitchen area and watch it become a peninsula or breakfast counter, as well as a desk.

8. All-in-one furniture unit

Like magic, your all-in-one TV unit can become a desk. Just attach simple hinges, a pane for the desk, and a fold-out support stem. Et voilà

A must-do for our avid DIYers.

9. Drawers and closet organisers

These little geniuses are definitely major achievers behind the scenes—or should that be behind closet doors? 

And when paired up with simple boxes/containers for rarely used items, there’s no telling how much space you can save!

10. Wall-mounted TV

What goes up doesn’t always have to come down. 

A wall-mounted TV can be the perfect solution for clearing up floor space, leaving more legroom for additional furniture and décor – or walking! 

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Which space-saving tips will you be trying out at home?

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