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5 Bedroom Renovations You Can Copy

Leigh Leigh
Modern loft transformation A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern style bedroom
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Your bedroom is meant to be a little cocoon or haven, where you can escape from the rest of the world, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Many bedroom designs don't cater to this, however, and can leave us feeling more stressed and distracted than ever before!

This is why homify has curated five incredible bedroom renovations from top professionals, which might push you to inject some life into your dull or dreary bedroom.

Let's take a look!

1. Before: Minimalist decor taken a step too far

There is nothing better than a sleek and minimalist bedroom that oozes simplicity and serenity. However, in this design, it has been taken a bit too far! This space is completely bare, with no homely comforts or cozy additions. 

This is a very depressing and dull space.

1. After: Splash of colour

In this image, we can see that it doesn't take too much to transform a bedroom space. A simple touch of colour, a fresh coat of paint and some pretty accessories can take a room from drab and dreary to homely and comfortable. 

2. Before: The awkwardly shaped room

Often people aren't sure what to do with bedrooms that are awkwardly shaped, so we end up with very unattractive spaces that are clumsy or even bare. It's hard to picture the potential in a space like this…

2. After: We were wrong!

With some bespoke carpentry and small furniture, this room now looks perfect for a teen. The natural light is the cherry on top, thanks to the beautiful skylight.

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3. Before: Is there any floor space left in this room?

How would you even find the bed in this room? Everything is cramped and crowded, with the space completely under-utilized. 

This room is not homely, comfortable or functional!

3. After: Sometimes it's all about the position of the bed

Move your bed around and create more flow throughout your bedroom space. Also opt for light colours, such as white or pastels. This creates a beautiful, light and airy look and feel.

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4. Before: At least the space is big

This is merely a construction site, with no decor or design integrated just yet. The good news is that it is big, however, so there is lots of potential. You can create a bedroom from scratch in this space!

4. After: Pretty and Perfect

This space has been transformed with a very crisp and clean design that features the home's gorgeous wooden ceiling beams, which bring a rustic and warm look and feel to the room. The textiles chosen soften the effect.

5. Before: Call in the builders

This attic space is cramped and crowded, used merely for storage space. This is common when it comes to attics, with spaces being overlooked as a dumping ground for those old Christmas ornaments and suitcases that we never use.

5. After: A double take

Large Modern bedroom / studio A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern style bedroom
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Large Modern bedroom / studio

A1 Lofts and Extensions

This is the ideal bedroom, which has been completely transformed thanks to the revamp of the ceiling. The flat roof opens this space up and allows it to be used for so much more than a storage spot!

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