11 quick and easy ways to cut your home costs

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Are you planning on upgrading to a bigger home? Do your kids require money for a school trip? Or are you finally planning on taking that long overdue holiday? Whatever you're trying to save money for, cutting down home costs can drastically increase saving, reduce spending and make your life that little easier in the long term. 

But how exactly does one cut down on domestic costs? When we think of how we spend money, it may seem as though we are thrifty, and many individuals don't see any ways they can reduce their spending. However, it is almost always a case of a little bit here, little bit there that can soon add up in the long run.

Today on homify we'll show you eleven different ways you can reduce your overall home costs, and increase your domestic savings. Read on to learn more…

1. Change your light bulbs

Cut your expenses and choose environmentally-friendly bulbs.

Not only do these bulbs last longer than traditional incandescent varieties, but they also considerably cut down your energy bills.

2. Change your bathroom fittings

As well as changing your bulbs, you should also look at your bathroom fittings.

If you want to save money on your water bills, as well as contribute to the environment, consider switching to water-saving fittings. These days there are plenty of stylish varieties, suited to a range of different interior styles and bathroom designs.

3. Organise your food

Food wastage is essentially wasted money so it's a good idea to make sure you avoid over-buying in order to ensure you use all that you have purchased. 

Audit your pantry and cupboards, ensuring you remove old food, and only fill it with items you will use.

4. Solar power

Solar power is one of the cheapest ways to run your home. If you live in a freestanding dwelling consider installing photovoltaic panels, but if you live in a flat there are other ways to employ solar power to reduce household costs. 

Solar lighting, water heating, as well as appliance chargers, can all help reduce your overall energy consumption, and therefore costs.

5. Take a look at your appliances

Kitchen appliances are the number one energy users in a household. To reduce costs you should look at your current machines, as well as their star-rating. The star-rating is an effective measure of how much electricity an appliance uses. 

If you have any particular item that is old, consider investing in a new one. The money you spend will pay off in energy savings later.

6. Keep your curtains shut

This sounds like a simple and possibly less necessary step.

However, surprisingly, shutting curtains can actually save you a lot of money by keeping the warm aim inside, thus reducing the need to turn up the thermostat.

7. Compare your gas and electricity prices

Often different companies offer different rates for your utilities. Search around, compare the differences and consider switching to a cheaper provider.

8. Cycle to work

If you don't have too long of a commute to work, you might consider ditching the train, car or bus for a bike ride. Bicycles are not only quick and easy to ride through dense traffic, they're also inexpensive. 

If your commute is particularly long, or has a few uncomfortable hills, consider opting for an electric bike. These options will save you money, and might even save you time in the morning as well!

9. Go vintage

Stylish interior design and neat homeware needn't come from fancy and expensive shops. Instead, consider visiting some vintage shops to grab yourself some secondhand bargains.

If you need interior design advice, contact an expert via homify today!

10. Cut out the coffee

If you find yourself purchasing a takeaway coffee on the way to work, do the maths and see how much you might save by switching to a free one at the office, or even a coffee or tea at home before you leave. 

If on average you pay £3 for your latte, five days per week, consider that each year that equates to £780!

11. Turn off your lights

All well as replacing your bulbs to more energy-friendly alternatives, you might want to consider turning off lights when you aren't using them. Flick that switch and save yourself money.

If you find yourself forgetting, write a little note or put a red dot on the switch to remind yourself and your family!

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How else do you cut your household costs?

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