7 steps to a simpler home (and life)

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
一色玲児 建築設計事務所 / ISSHIKI REIJI ARCHITECTS Scandinavian style living room
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Know what the keyword of any successful home design is? Simplicity. It needs to look effortless and straightforward, yet far from dull. It has to portray elegance and allurement, yet not bombard one’s senses with superfluous décor or unnecessary embellishments. 

Many of us miss these key attributes, as our interior spaces become dumping grounds for a multitude of keepsakes and pieces accumulated throughout the years. And although there is nothing wrong with showing off a beautiful collection of souvenirs (whether that be crockery or snow globes), it has to look simple and uncluttered. That is the secret to a perfect looking interior. 

To set you on the road to simple yet stylish-looking spaces, we have gathered some examples of interiors that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. So, scroll on, and feel that inspiration rising…

1. A simple style for your bedroom

A residence in Shibuya sorama me Inc. Eclectic style bedroom
sorama me Inc.

A residence in Shibuya

sorama me Inc.

We think this example is excellent at portraying a bedroom that is simple, yet lovely and welcoming. 

Any bedroom should remain relatively simple in its design to create a peaceful and tranquil-looking style. The more clutter and accessories you shove in, the more crowded it will feel – which is the last thing a space should be that is supposed to offer sanctuary, harmony, and sweet dreams.

Focus on storage, colour scheme, and keeping the mess out.

2. Storage for your kitchen

Cooking utensils, accessories, and other domestic items seem to wind up on those countertops like magic, making the kitchen one of the most difficult spaces to keep clutter-free and simple. 

Focus on two things: always putting everything in its right place, and amending your storage spaces (if necessary). 

And remember that the kitchen is first and foremost a work zone, meaning those counter- and island surfaces must remain clean and clear.

3. Keep only the necessities

It might sound difficult, but it’s not impossible: living simply with only the essentials in your home. 

Take a look around your house and see what you use and what only gathers dust. Do you really need to hold on to all of those things? You can’t imagine the peace that comes from getting rid of clutter, stepping into a mess-free space, and calling it “home”.

To help you out, we have prepared a little article. It’s called: Throw These Things Out Your Home Right NOW!

4. Use texture to create character

Stop relying on a horde of accessories and other loose objects to create interest in a room, and instead bring in texture and patterns via other means. 

Our delightfully tranquil living room above brings in a beautiful texture via those timber-panelled walls, which is all the character and charm this room needs. The style also ensures that the room retains a feeling of minimalism and cleanliness.

Any additional keepsakes and pieces will just ruin the clean look.

5. Let your materials create unity

Private Villa, Surrey Keir Townsend Ltd. Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Keir Townsend Ltd.

Private Villa, Surrey

Keir Townsend Ltd.

When working on creating a simple (and often minimalist) scheme, you need to ensure that your interiors’ pieces are all united in the aesthetic objectives. Building materials and furniture can all help with this.

Study the entrance hall in our example – notice how the side tables, mirror frames, and doors unite in terms of tone, look, and style. 

From home stagers to interior architects, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

6. Don’t be scared of white

Family Living homify Modern living room

Family Living


Neutral tones are always successful in conjuring up simplistic spaces, none more so than white (or one of its many hues). A white palette is ideal at making up a blank canvas, allowing you to choose the colours and pieces to fill it with. 

If you are unsure about which style or route to go, pick a white hue for the dominant palette, and ensure the room is sophisticated and refined.

7. Let the furniture match the interior

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern dining room
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

In the same way that colours and materials can create unity in a home, so too can matching up your furniture pieces with the interior style. This also helps with blending everything together, a fuss-free alternative to creative contrast. 

See our example that we chose above – notice how the furniture pieces match the background’s colours and style. 

Don’t be discouraged if, for example, your credenza is a few shades darker than the wallpaper tone – you don’t want your pieces to vanish, just blend in harmoniously.

What advice for a simpler home can you add?

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