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Hells Kitchen Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Living room
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Who can really believe Christmas has come and gone again, and we will soon say goodbye to another year? 2014 was an eventful one, both here in Britain and around the world. Scots voted no to independence, opting to stay in the United Kingdom. Football fever swept the globe, with Brazil hosting the world cup which saw Germany take home the trophy. February saw the Winter Olympics and Paralympics take place in Russia, the Ebola scare captivated the world, and Berlin saw the 25 year anniversary of the fall of its infamous wall.

Of course, the biggest event of 2014 was the inception of homify! Today we would like to show you the top ten posts of the year, which saw some incredible projects. Take a look, and see how your favourite ideabook faired in the rankings.

10. homify 360°: the cliff house

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd
Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

Cliff House by Modscape Concept external

Modscape Holdings Pty Ltd

We begin our 2014 top 10 list with a concept for a home hanging off cliffs in Australia. Aptly named The Cliff House, this home defies the traditional notion of a house, and is to be anchored to the side of the cliffs by large beams. To see the view offered by The Cliff House, take another look at the ideabook here.

9. A bold take on a New York penthouse

Hells Kitchen Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Living room
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hells Kitchen Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

There is something very special about New York City, so we were pleased to see an article about The Big Apple make the top 10. Located in the Hell's Kitchen district of Manhattan, the designers chose to use an eclectic mix of styles and colours, creating a home full of personality. To view the penthouse again, click the link here.

8. Modern renovation of a Victorian home, East London

The Vegetarian Cottage Cousins & Cousins
Cousins & Cousins

The Vegetarian Cottage

Cousins & Cousins

A stunning Victorian home in East London came in at number 8, with a modern renovation and extension of the downstairs of the house. The feature of the project is the large bespoke window that wraps the corner of the extension. Click here if you would like to view this ideabook again.

7. Seating for the living room

Global Eclectic Style SB design Studio Living room
SB design Studio

Global Eclectic Style

SB design Studio

The living room is often talked about as being the centre of any home, as it is a place where we congregate to hang out and relax. Spending so much time in our living rooms calls for careful consideration of our seating choices, so we put together an ideabook to help you out. To view it again, click here.

6. Bathroom ideas

Bathrooms are much more than a place to wash, they too are a place of relaxation. Be it a long shower after a day of work, or a scented bubble bath on a Sunday evening, the design of our bathrooms can have a direct impact on your happiness. Click here to revisit the ideabook on bathroom ideas, coming in at number 6 on our list.

5. Luxury living spotlight: The fairways

Bishops Avenue in the highly sought after London suburb of Hampstead is often referred to as Billionaire's Row, a term coined due to the extravagance of the owners and homes themselves that line this leafy street. One such home came in at number 5 in our top 10 most viewed ideabooks this year, and with an exterior such as this, its not hard to see why. To take the tour again, click here.

4. Before & after: Renovation of an Oxford home

William Street - Oxford OX3 Spiering & Co
Spiering & Co

William Street—Oxford OX3

Spiering & Co

Watching a project come to fruition, and being able to look back at before & after photos of something you have put so much time and passion into, is highly rewarding. The owners of this townhouse in Oxford completely transformed the entire home in just 6 weeks, going from dilapidated to sleek and modern in the process. Want to take the tour again? Click here to view the before & after images.

3. Welcome! Entrance design inspiration

We all know how important first impressions are. Be it in a job interview, a date, or in our homes. So, it's no surprise that an ideabook on entrance designs for the home made the list. If you would like to see how these 6 interior designers have made a bold statement as soon as you walk through the front door, click the link here.

2. homify 360°: A town house in London

Unassuming on the outside, sleek and beautiful on the inside. That's one way to sum up this tiny townhouse in East London, which has been redesigned to best use the little amount of available space. Curious to see how they did it? Click here to find out.

1. Before & after: 50s West Sussex home renovation

Derelict 1960s property in West Sussex ArchitectureLIVE

Derelict 1960s property in West Sussex


Topping the list of this year's most popular projects, was this before & after renovation of a home in Lodsworth, West Sussex. As you can see, the house was in a state of utter disrepair, and had not been lived in for 2 years. The design brief given to the architects was to recover the uplifting spirit of the original building character and combine this with new, contemporary open plan living. Want to see how they did it? Click the link here to find out!

We hope you enjoyed reading about these 10 projects as much as we enjoyed writing about them! We wish you all the best from homify, and may 2015 bring you prosperity and joy. Happy New Year!

Which article was your favourite. Let us know below!

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