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Luxury Bathroom Studio Hooton Modern bathroom
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Similar to the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the home. That’s why it needs to show off some personal touches of its users, whether it’s a favourite colour, certain materials, or just the type of window treatment used. 

Decorating your bathroom may seem like a hard task, but finding the perfect style to suit you and your needs is actually easy – why else do you think there are so many many available trends and looks out there for us to appreciate (and copy)? 

Which brings us to today’s piece: beautiful bathrooms that really don’t mind you staring at them, knowing that they are helping to feed your creativity and inspiration for your own space back home.


1. A timbered look

Although some of us believe that wood should not be allowed near a bathroom because of the humidity, others just pop open a window and work the air vents so they can continue to enjoy this raw and homely material.

Besides, do you really have the heart to say “no” to those gorgeous timber pieces shown in our bathroom above?

2. Less mess, more space

Some of us live by the saying of “less is more”, translating it into every single space in our homes, including the bathroom.

Just see how picture perfect this bathroom design is, flaunting a neat and clean look thanks to its avoidance of unnecessary embellishments.

3. Natural greens

Being a city dweller sometimes means not having too much access to green freshness, which is why we need to rely on other sources – like these tranquil tones shown in our third example. 

Throw in a leaf-shaped rug and a potted plant or two, and you are on your way to a spa-like retreat every time you answer nature’s call.

4. It’s industrial and it’s awesome

The industrial style is a fascinating design, and with good reason. There is something alluring about those exposed piping, brick surfaces, raw wood, and strong neutral tones that make this style so attractive. 

So, if you want your bathroom to flaunt an eye-catching look, may we suggest some industrial touches?

5. Black and white beauty

Black and white are known as the king and queen of colour contrast. It is timeless, it is striking, and it can fit into any room.

Just see the luxury exuding from this bathroom, which makes expert use of crisp whites and decadent darks – and the additional stainless steel surfaces thrown in don’t hurt either.

6. A glamorous space

We included this bathroom because of its radiating charm. Is it the lighting? Could it be the vintage touches in the décor pieces? How about its super elegant approach to a sink and storage opportunities? 

What would this style look like in your bathroom?

7. Colour and pattern

Waves Pixers Modern bathroom



Of course nobody is saying that a bathroom needs to be dull – some jovial tones and playful patterns are always welcome, as shown in this example. 

Notice the delicate little touches, like the blue wall contrasting with the yellow textile.

8. Terrific tiling

Dyed and pure white hexagon freshwater Mother of Pearl mosaics ShellShock Designs Modern bathroom
ShellShock Designs

Dyed and pure white hexagon freshwater Mother of Pearl mosaics

ShellShock Designs

Tiled surfaces seem to be the go-to option for bathrooms, and there is nothing wrong with that, just as long as you realise you are spoiled for choice in this regard too.

There is a range of options out there, from oversized tiles to little mosaic versions, and then there’s colour and texture to choose from as well! 

See what our selection of bathroom designers have up their sleeves.

9. Geometric magic

Luxury Bathroom Studio Hooton Modern bathroom
Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

We close off our list with a very clever solution to small spaces and sloping ceilings. A little creative thinking has turned this would-have-been ordinary bathroom into an oh-so-glamorous space, complete with some very ingenious lighting placements. 

Hopefully this inspires some creative thinking for your own bathroom. But just in case you require some more, see these: Bathroom Blunders You Commit (And How To Avoid Them).

We’d love to know which bathroom is your favourite...

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