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10 Ideal pooja rooms for a small apartment

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In today’s society of nuclear families and small apartments, people have limited space to dedicate an entire room exclusively for prayer and meditation. This has led to growth in demand for small ready-made pooja mandaps that can be hung on walls or fitted into corners of rooms and corridors. These pooja mandaps or pedestals with awnings are available in a wide variety of materials ranging from wood, marble, brass and natural stone. Depending on their financial strength families sometimes order custom made pooja mandaps embellished with precious metals like silver and gold.

Even if you are not able to get the ideal design of modular pooja mandap there are many ways to design a customized pooja area in a small apartment. Here are elegant pooja rooms that can be fitted into a small apartment to bring spiritual harmony into the house.

1. Living room prayer area

Most small apartments have to accommodate pooja area either in the living room or dining area and here the former idea has been adopted. This pooja area created right next to the entertainment unit here retains the monochrome color palette and has silver counter with silver idols and frame. The tiny silver bell dangling beside the idol adds charm to the region.

2. Pooja room in the kitchen cabinet

This vibrant kitchen with trendy red and white cabinets has a carved niche built away from cooking area that hosts a pooja room. The carved niche is a deep cabinet with stone shelves that enable arrangement of idols and pooja objects. The door of the cabinet has carved edges and shapely holes on its surface for dispersion of smoke when diyas and incense sticks are lit.

3. Alcove in a corner

An empty corner of the dining room can be easily turned into a pooja room by setting up a set of neat pedestals like these so that the idols are several inches above the ground level. The shelves above the idols have tiny lights below them to illuminate the region and also store pooja essentials. If you require privacy then install a tiny curtain below the top shelf that will keep the idols out of public view.

4. Private area for prayer

In a small apartment where space is scarce we have to make best use of what is available. In this plan a small section of the living room has been sectioned off with a wood wall panel divider and that inset region has been made into a pooja room. False ceiling with designer glass cover lends a warm glow to the area when lights are lit during prayer. The pooja room itself is clutter free and is secluded enough for privacy during prayer and meditation.

5. Pooja room in a wall

lobby and pooja room wall Hasta architects Modern living room
Hasta architects

lobby and pooja room wall

Hasta architects

It is said that devotion for Almighty should not be judged by ritualistic practices as  God cannot be swayed by elaborate offerings and expensive altars of prayer. The living room wall unit has been turned into a pooja space by using the single wide shelf as a pedestal with cabinet underneath. The idols are displaced on the shelf while pooja accessories are kept in the drawers. Golden colored laminate wall paper at the back with tiny lights fitted overhead inside the wall unit enhances  beauty of the pooja room.

6. Pooja room in a shelf

Corner unit design homify Asian style bedroom

Corner unit design


This innovative pooja area on an open shelf shows that the devout will find a place for the gods they revere in the smallest of homes. Metal shelves built into a corner of the house make a trendy pooja area with different idols in each shelf and space for lamps and incense sticks too.

7. Marble mandap in the alcove




This small private pooja area shows that even a secluded end of a corridor can become a place of peaceful prayer with the latticed mandap made of marble. These mandaps are readily available both online and offline and can be set up as a wall attachment or fixed on a wooden pedestal like designers Kreative House have here and also created wooden drawers for storage.

8. Pooja room in a cupboard

While creating cupboard for the storage of regular use objects at home, why not create a cupboard for the gods too with this smart customized door and shelves. Brass fittings on the cupboard edges and wide shelves with spacious drawers at the bottom make this the perfect space saving pooja room for a small apartment.

9. Pooja area on a ledge

A minimalistic mandir in the north east corner of the office. homify Minimalist offices & stores

A minimalistic mandir in the north east corner of the office.


In a small studio or one-bedroom apartment, dedicate a ledge or shelf in the corner of the room for your mandir. Make sure there is sufficient space for an idol or framed image, as well as a lamp. Add a religious painting or a bright colour on the background wall to separate the space from the rest of the room.

10. Small and elegant

When it comes to implementing creative puja room ideas in small flats, all you need is a compact space in any part of the house. Back-lit panels have the ability to transform magically the simplest of surroundings and the same effect is created here. This bright pooja room may be small and built into a small corner of the house but the marble pedestal and lighting makes up for lack of space.

Do you prefer a designer pooja room? Here are seven stunning pooja room designs  for you.

Some more pooja room ideas

Guest room and praying area DnC Small bedroom

Guest room and praying area


Are you looking for mandir designs for small flats? Here is your answer. If you are unable to dedicate a whole room for installing a mandir, then this design can serve your purpose. Here, the interior architects have used the corner space of a bedroom to place a small wooden mandir. As it is placed on the TV unit, the cabinet underneath the mandir provides a proper place for keeping the prayer accessories.

Here is another smart idea for creating beautiful pooja room designs in apartments, without consuming much of the floor space. The white colour of this mandir blends perfectly with the rest of the monochromatic surroundings, while its laser-cut design offers a distinctive element. In addition, the mandir has been positioned in the living room in such a way that despite the limited floor space, the residents can conveniently perform their everyday prayers.

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