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​12 home storage brainwaves to make your life easier

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Does the struggle to maintain a clean and clutter-free house feel like an uphill battle? Are you constantly trying to organise those heaps of papers and piles of junk? Congratulations, you are what we would call “normal”!

Although it may not solve your problem(s), it might just make you feel a bit better knowing that the majority of us (if not all) struggle with these issues. But that is no reason to give up and give over to the clutter, especially since we on homify are always ready with a tip or two.

Today we bring you no less than twelve fantastic storage hacks that could definitely make a positive impact on the way your house looks and feels.

Ready to maximise your storage space? Here we go…

1. Modular shelves filling up a small corner

Time is precious, but so is space – and you can’t let weird little areas like corners waste it. Thus, why not do what these homeowners/designers did? Fit in a neat little modular cabinet to fill up corners and that difficult space underneath a sloping roof. 

Where in your house could an unused corner or area do with a clever little technique such as this?

2. Underfloor storage

You've heard of underfloor heating, but underfloor storage? Well, get ready to be baffled by how clever this tip gets rid of clutter and baggage in an instant.

Sometimes the good ideas are right in front of you – or right underneath you!

3. A bookcase under the stairs

A clever little fill-up helps to keep this house well organised: a bookcase with storage compartments underneath the stairs (we all know how often that weird space goes unused or underutilised).

4. A simple and stylish way to organising clothing

A closet with such attitude definitely doesn’t need to be hidden away, which is certainly why glass sliding doors were opted for. 

Occupying only a small amount of space inside a niche, this closet goes the extra mile by keeping everything neat and tidy.

5. Freeing up floor space

Birdie Mounted Desk homify Office spaces & stores

Birdie Mounted Desk


Floating shelves are nothing new, but how about a floating desk? Check out this clever invention that frees up floor space, yet still provides a decent writing/working surface for your home office. 

Need some help: Designing The Perfect Home Office? We thought you’d never ask…

6. Storage boxes for the bathroom

No drawers in your bathroom vanity? No problem – a few wicker boxes can be all that you need, immediately increasing bathroom storage space while also adding some delicious colour and texture, as was done in this Mediterranean-style bathroom.  

Interior designers, electricians and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

7. The mirrored medicine cabinet

MB1 Bathroom cupboard Loft Kolasinski BathroomStorage Solid Wood Wood effect
Loft Kolasinski

MB1 Bathroom cupboard

Loft Kolasinski

An oldie, but a goodie that got a modern makeover: the medicine cabinet slides out from behind the mirror, presenting some useful space for a few bathroom toiletries and accessories.

8. Sleeping on it

No small house should be without this one: a storage bed that helps to keep a multitude of items cleverly organised, from seasonal clothing and extra linen to shoes and magazines. 

Thanks to this baby, clutter is no longer an eyesore.

9. A living cube

This is how living out of a suitcase is done in style – and on a much bigger scale. This delightful cube is a home within a home, providing a bed, a wardrobe, display space for books and a TV, and additional storage space inside. 

And they say the days of miracles are over.

10. A stationery spot

Whether it’s your collection of pens and pencils or just random elements like rubber bands and phone chargers, this little model is perfect for it. 

Best of all – it adds some charm and colour to the room, doubling up as a unique décor piece in the process.

11. Using the ceiling

Convivium Kitchen Livingfurnish Ltd KitchenStorage
Livingfurnish Ltd

Convivium Kitchen

Livingfurnish Ltd

Your ceiling can be so much more than the spot that holds your ceiling lights. Just look at this creative solution that looks oh-so-stylish.

These ceiling-mounted shelves help out with a decent amount of storage, doing so in an open fashion that doesn’t make your kitchen look small or cluttered.

12. Wall-mounted fabric organisers

Your craft-items organiser doesn’t have to gather dust in a drawer somewhere – place it against the wall to add a dash of colour.

With those at eye level, you will never have to wonder where you placed that damn adhesive tape (or scissors, or threads… ) ever again.

Which of our ideas will you be trying out at home?

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