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Smaller gardens necessitate a more structured, thought out layout in order to avoid getting too busy too quickly. Landscape architects know this and therefore set about creating stunning spaces through ingenious flowerbed designs and by selecting the perfect pots for each individual outdoor area. 

We decided to take a look at some of the best and bring them to you today, so you can emulate the looks yourself and get a little more out of your garden. You don't need to have green fingers to make any of these ideas work, but you will need a free weekend!

1. Use the proportions

In a long and narrow garden you will need corresponding flowerbeds, otherwise it will feel as though the plants are truly taking over.

We're huge fans of narrow but tall beds, such as this one, which offer bags of style but still leave as much floor space in your garden as possible.

2. Mix and match various styles

For a really fun and eclectic looking space, you need to get out of the mindset that everything has to match perfectly.

Don't forget that a garden is an organic, living space so give it the chance to look unique and play with the different tones and blooms.

3. Stack 'em high!

Building planters up your wall will not only make the most of a sorely underused surface, it will also look amazing.

Trailing creepers or spiky plants will looks incredible and really amplify the height of the installation. Plus, if you match the planters to the existing wall, it will almost look as though your blooms are floating!

4. Keep a low profile

In a small garden, low flowerbeds can be a great idea if you're trying to keep everything on a more understated level. 

The simplicity of basic beds can be partnered with any plants or flowers to have a stunning impact and add some outdoor lighting for a real wow factor space.

5. Don't be a square

Curved flowerbeds are amazing but we will say that they really need to be designed and built by professionals. 

Offering a simple way to amplify the shape, feel and proportions of a small garden, fluid curves make a massive impression. Don't you just want to reach out and touch them?

6. Try something differebnt

We're not beyond looking at some of the more eclectic ideas out there, so how about lifting some paving slabs and creating self-contained mini-beds?

We know it sounds a little crazy, especially if you laid your patio yourself, but just look at how amazing a few plants look right by your feet!

7. Multi-level goodness

Stepped flowerbeds are wonderful and, if you keep them narrow, even a small garden will have enough room for some.

The added bonus is that multi-level gardens naturally look bigger, so amplify this by planting tall blooms and lean trees.

8. Camouflaged and cool

Creating flowerbeds from the same material as the wall or fence behind them will blend the structure so perfectly that you could blink and miss that it's there. 

By opting for this technique your garden will feel larger and the plants will be the main attraction and focal point. Clever stuff!

9. Get in shape

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

A U-shaped flowerbed set up will help to create a beautiful visual display in your garden, as well as maximise the rest of the area perfectly. 

If you added beds to every side you would quickly create a boxed-in, almost claustrophobic feel. However, by keeping one edge open, that is totally avoided.

Painting them pink is optional but we like it!

10. Up on high

If possible, keep your planters and flowerbeds on a higher level than your main garden space so that you can focus your attention on the main function of area. 

If you want to create an outdoor dining spot, for example, you'll want self-contained pots, out of the way of barbecues and the table, yet still close enough to look beautiful and add to the wider ambience. Wall tops really are perfect for this!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 Tricks You Can Use To Create Your Garden Paradise.

Did any of these planter or bed styles appeal to you?

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