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A real beauty! The timber, steel and stone construction of this house has been beautifully combined to create a serene home, which exudes a natural synergy above Sydney's northern beaches. Perched atop a hill, the house is cloaked in native greenery, filtering the sunshine and framing the calm elegance of the seaside in the distance.

Greg Natale Design have surrounded the living quarters with expansive decking and balconies, providing plenty of outdoor access to enjoy the warm climate and fresh air, and a breathtaking view of the trees, sea and sky. The beautiful timber and stone finishes of the interior infuse the space with a soothing elegance, while colourful, patterned decorations dress up subtle furnishings, presenting an engaging and dramatic style. 

Truly this house personifies modern, yet modest luxury at its best, with a clever, contemporary design reflecting the relaxed simplicity that comes with life Down Under.

Expansive decking

Expansive decking frames the home, providing a pristine view of the bay upon entrance to the property. A verandah provides protection from the intensity of the Australian sun, shielding occupants and visitors as they admire the natural surroundings. 

From this vantage we get a great sense of the multi-level home resting just beyond the deck, and the use of large windows throughout to allow for a steady influx of sunshine.

Timber walls

Once inside the home we are greeting by sleek and sophisiticated design elements such as the round mirror, elegant orchids and pale wooden flooring that creeps all the way up the far wall!

White contrasts add a fresh simplicity to the space, creating a visual expanse and inviting visitors to descend the staircase to the living area below.

Bold decoration

The home's master bedroom is modern and luxurious with hints of the eccentric. Another wooden wall behind the king-sized bed adds sophisticated warmth to the space, with the geometric rug and colourful cushions revealing a unique sense of character amidst otherwise subtle finishes. 

The open doors of the balcony extend an irresistible invitation to gaze at the natural landscape, with gentle trees and the soothing blue of the bay providing a tantalising burst of colour.

Warm and inviting

The living area of the house has been packed with warm textures and materials to create a comforting atmosphere. Natural light plays with the textural tones of the light, brown sofa, while red and black cushions add bursts of colour reminiscent of the Australian biota. This idea has been reflected in the artwork on the far wall and on the abstract, floral rug. 

The small, white stools present a practical and adaptable alternative to a large, central coffee table and reflect the generous intake of natural light flowing through the windows.

Soft atmosphere

The guest bedroom retains a light, white atmosphere that is sleek and inviting. Large windows with cotton curtains soften the intake of sunshine, while patterned red cushions beautifully complement the crimson and ochre of the artwork behind the bed. 

Another intricate rug adorns the floor, providing depth of colour to contrast against the predominantly white decor.

Colourful and relaxed

The second guest room in the home is also simple and streamlined, in keeping with the design of its predecessor. Two single beds in pristine white are perfect for visiting children, with the vibrant red of the cushions, artwork and rug invigorating the space. 

An intricate, ceramic stool with an Asiatic design provides an interesting, cultural design feature and stands in subtle contrast to the prevailing colour scheme, with its combination of slate and blue offsetting the red and white of the remainder of the room.

Smooth and luxurious

The bathroom of this stunning Sydney property is a wonder to behold, with pale, wooden finishes and smooth, grey stone infusing the room with modern, understated luxury.

The architects have added opposing mirrors to truly accentuate visual expansion within the space. A large, white bathtub invites supreme relaxation for those who want to take the dual shower unit to a new level, and subtle, overhead lighting has been included to allow for bespoke ambience. 

Breathtaking view

The view from the rear of the home is breathtaking to behold, with a steep hill leading down to the beach below. Balconies have been included on each floor, allowing the occupants to wander outside and gaze peacefully at the landscape whenever their hearts desire.

The steel frame of the exterior manages to appear simultaneously sturdy and elevated, with sporadic, corrugated iron panelling lending authentic, Australian appeal to the home's external facade.

Simple and unobtrusive

When viewed from this angle we get a real sense of the impressive construction of the home, with the steel frame leaning softly upon the hillside, and the expansive windows capitalising on streaming sunshine.

Nestled amongst the trees and bushes, the home seems to tie in perfectly with the natural landscape, presenting a modern but unobtrusive façade amidst its environmental surrounds. 

It's an amazing example of luxurious living in existing in symbiosis with the warmth and beauty of the Australian biota

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