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Making your home look grown-up and sophisticated

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So, you’ve recently moved into your first place – what fun! Or it’s been years since you moved out of Mum and Dad’s house, but you’ve now made the decision to inject some serious sophistication into your space. Congratulations!

Regardless of your living situation, if you want some ‘mature’ style in your very own home, there is a list of actions that need to be taken – from certain wall art to the type of crockery you will stock in your kitchen cabinets.

And, as always, homify is here to help with our own set of stylish tips. 

Let’s take it from the top!

1. Hang up framed art

Movie posters and photos of friends stuck on a mirror were fine when you were in your teens. But mature adults opt for placing their wall art in frames. 

Luckily, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to frames, ranging in a wide variety of sizes, colours, shapes, and styles.

2. No sleeping on the floor

Gone are the days when a simple mattress on the floor was your dozing spot. Adults opt for something a little more stylish, like a bed base and a headboard to go with their bedroom’s style.

Interior decorators, bedroom designers, and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

3. Match your dishes and glasses

Ideal kitchen for family of 4 Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern kitchen Chipboard Wood effect
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Ideal kitchen for family of 4

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Entertaining and hosting dinner parties are part of living the adult life. And even though those multicoloured mugs and glasses you’ve accumulated over the years are cute, you now need to invest in something more sophisticated.

Purchase a full set of dishes that includes salad- and dinner plates, as well as bowls and serving platters.

homify hint: Although the design and colours are completely up to you, a crisp white plate set never goes out of style.

4. Lay down a fancy rug

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louis de poortere

The Mad Men Collection

louis de poortere

A soft underfoot surface is always welcome, regardless of your age or living conditions. But invest in something proper, which will also complement your interiors’ look.

For minimalist- or modern type styles, add some contrast with a high-pile, super plush rug. And if your interior is more eclectic or traditional, consider low-pile, oriental rugs to add some colours and textures.

5. Invest in a proper cleaning cupboard with supplies

50.2cm pull-out organiser simplehuman KitchenStorage

50.2cm pull-out organiser


The trick to living in a stylish and clean house is to keep it stylish and clean. And for that you will require the necessary tools, from dishwashing liquid and appliance cleaners to a duster and vacuum cleaner. 

Be sure to stock up on these (and more) and keep them all in a cupboard out of sight (whether it’s in your kitchen or bathroom) to avoid the cluttered look. 

Need some help cleaning? Have a look at these: 8 Gleaming Cleaning Tips For Meticulous Homeowners.

6. Organise those bookshelves

Bookshelves not only display your collections of books, but keep them in a neat order to help you avoid a messy interior. 

But style it up so that it can tickle any interest by alternating between novels, coffee table books, atlases, magazines, a few small accessories and some unique keepsakes.

7. Bring in pillows and cushions

Pillows, if chosen correctly, serve three purposes: they punch up the elegance factor, they provide extra comfort for your guests, and they add a layered feeling to your interiors. 

Large, oversized pillows are the best for a plush look, so don’t even consider the ones below 50 cm in size. And don’t skimp on the pillow inserts: down-filled ones may cost a bit more, but they last longer, are more resilient, and have no quills poking you.

8. Remember the window treatments

A home without window treatment can look unfinished and cheap. Thus, hang up some elegance by making the right choices. Stay away from flimsy materials and opt for stylish fabrics like natural silk, linen, and cotton (which are sold at reasonable prices at a lot of chain stores).

If draperies are not your style, go with woven bamboo shades or wood blinds. Just don’t leave those windows undressed.

9. Be clever with your lighting

Living room homify Modern living room

Living room


Unflattering light not only casts a harsh sheen on you and your guests, but can also make your home décor look less appealing. 

Switch out those harsh fluorescent light bulbs with something softer and warmer that will add a flattering glow to both you and your furniture.

10. Add some fresh plants

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Dagat Collection


Potted house plants has a way of freshening (and polishing) up an unfinished room rather rapidly. Add some potted pretties to those unused corners in your living room, or style up your kitchen windowsill with a mini herb garden. 

If you weren’t born with green thumbs, go with succulents as a starter plant – they are quite easy to maintain!

How else can one make a space look more sophisticated?

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