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12 life-improving laundry tricks for all lazy people

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When it comes to chores around the house, there's no shame in being a little uninspired and lazy. We all are sometimes. But what if we could make the biggest chore of all just that little bit easier to tackle? We're talking about laundry! 

A necessary part of your week, doing the laundry can take up a gargantuan amount of time and, short of hiring a professional cleaner to come in and take care of it for you, it can feel like you have few options. That's where you're wrong! 

We've found some amazing tips and tricks that will make laundry day a whole lot less painful, so read on and prepare to start digging out unworn items from your wardrobe…

1. Rub chalk or baby powder onto a grease stain

Then leave overnight and then wash as normal. It'll come right out!

2. Wash your bras in a zip up laundry bag

So the clasps won't snag delicate items and necessitate a repair job.

3. Clip or roll socks together

To make sure they are washed in pairs and don't get lost in the washing machine Bermuda Triangle.

4. Add a scented sachet to your laundry basket

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Disco laundry basket


To keep everything smelling a little nicer until it can be washed.

5. No ironing required

Take dry items, add them to a tumble dryer with a couple of bits of ice and let a cycle run for a couple of minutes to get creases out and remove the need for ironing.

6. Add a dry towel to a tumble dryer load

To soak up extra moisture and speed up the drying cycle.

7. Like a much cheaper dryer sheet

Balls of tin foil in the tumble dryer will prevent static getting into your clothes.

8. Rinse delicate items in a colander in your sink

This will keep them away from hardier materials.

9. Spin dry your delicates

You can even spin dry your delicates in a salad spinner!

10. Prevent running colours

When added to your load, half a cup of white vinegar will prevent colours from running.

11. More colour running prevention

A teaspoon of salt also helps to prevent colour runs.

12. Make life easy for yourself

By separating your loads into whites, colours and delicates as you go.

For more housework tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 cleaning tricks you'll wish you known about ages ago.

Which tip(s) are you most excited to try out?

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