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Atmosphere Judith Thiel Classic style bathroom
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Romance: Everyone’s on the hunt for it, those who have it always want that little but more. Romance is the stuff of life, the sweet marrow, that element that makes everything all the better. And while it might be stereotypically found in certain activities—going out on a luxurious, exciting night on the town; dinner, drinks, dancing and a show, perhaps—romance is something that can be evoked with even the simplest of environmental cues and flourishes. Grasping for that sweet piece of romance in life doesn’t need to be about putting in too much effort—with the right embellishments and aesthetic selections, be it furniture, decor, colour and combination, you can easily engender a delightful aspect of romance right in the heart of your very own home, to be enjoyed night in, night out. 

Take a hint from the following lavish examples of interior romance, spice up your domestic spaces and transform yours into the den of romance you always know it had the potential to be.

Rough rustic charm

Welsh Farmhouse Hackett Holland Living room
Hackett Holland

Welsh Farmhouse

Hackett Holland

Who doesn’t dream of balking the unrelenting nine-to-five and eloping to a charming and romantic cottage lost in the heart of the countryside? These days our busy career-oriented lives determine where and when we can escape—often the answer is, not far from work, family, responsibility or household chores. It can seem almost impossible to imagine a quiet weekend away or a hint of romance. Luckily, with a few simple interior design hints, your home can become a figurative ‘romantic escape’. For that Welsh countryside allure choose thick fur rugs, homemade yet stylish textiles and rich vintage light fittings, combine these with some upcycled dinnerware for that countryside enchantment.

A bathroom for lovers

Now this is a space for relaxation and romance—candleholders adorn the walls and highlight the rich coral paintwork eluding to a soft and warm ambience. Moreover, add heritage chrome bath fittings, heated towel rail, cherished artwork and a decent spattering of tea light candles for a space that evokes rich soulful passion.

Dinner for two?

Winter Autumn 2014 The Linen Works Dining room
The Linen Works

Winter Autumn 2014

The Linen Works

Rarely do we get the chance for a minute of peace among our hectic and fast-paced lives, however taking a moment (or several) to spend some quality time together is what fosters a healthy and nourishing relationship. Consider putting on a spread for your significant other and with the help of some lovely dinnerware create a romantic and passionate atmosphere. Think vintage tea light holders, linen napkins and soft white porcelain for a night to remember.

Sumptuous retreat

Cadence High Footboard Bed homify BedroomBeds & headboards

Cadence High Footboard Bed


Where is more romantic that ones sleeping quarters, the place where we relax, unwind and unfurl a cluttered mind into a soft and sumptuous pillow—even better with two people, the bedroom can become a place to chat, chill out and spend wistful hours joking and daydreaming together. Bring that playful romantic energy into your bedroom with a stylish upholstered bed, muted colour palette and rich shag rug. Furthermore, add comfortable throw rugs to snuggle up and get playful.

Escaping the grind

If you do have the luxury or privilege of a romantic escape then ensure you deck out your space with flair and elegance. This wonderful example of a seaside retreat proves that simple stylish furniture can create a space evoking passion, excitement and relaxation. For your outdoor sundeck or terrace choose furniture that is simple and comfortable. Delicate white deck-style chairs adorn this coastal promenade and compliment the raw organic timber floor boards, while the contrasting glass and dark painted timber give a sense of modernity and highlight the views beyond. To complete this design and add a further sense of romantic flair, choose vintage or heritage style tableware infused with a sense of industrial rustic-ness in the form of repurposed crates and maritime accoutrements.

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