16 problem solving space-savers for small bedrooms

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Truckee Residence Antonio Martins Interior Design Inc Eclectic style bedroom
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We've said it before and we'll say it again, having a small bedroom is not a big problem. You might be shaking your head and thinking about how little space you have but, if you get a little more creative with your boudoir, you might be shocked at how functional, fabulous and restful it could be.

We've found some amazing small bedroom ideas already completed by talented interior designers, so why not spend a little time with us now, getting inspired and fired up to upgrade your beautiful space?

2. Recessed wall shelves offer bags of storage potential without jutting into the room. Imagine all your clothes folded and stacked here

3. High-level storage is so on trend and doesn't require you to sacrifice precious floor space

4. Small kids rooms can be a nightmare but multifunctional beds are the key! This one turns a bedroom into a study and playroom

5. Go simple with your storage and let minimalism make the most of even a tiny space

Clapham Common Flat 2 YAM Studios Scandinavian style bedroom
YAM Studios

Clapham Common Flat 2

YAM Studios

6. Under your bed is a prime location for handy storage boxes and you can even create a headboard out of bookshelves

7. Floating bedside tables will keep your floor clear and feeling much larger. It's all about perception

8. This amazing compact dresser opens up to reveal a wealth of hidden organisation. Where can we get one?

Private Residence, Master Suite Koubou Interiors Bedroom
Koubou Interiors

Private Residence, Master Suite

Koubou Interiors

9. Adding hidden drawers under your bed will keep your storage subtle and secretive

10. Recessed wardrobes offer practicality and require no precious room sacrifice. What a great way to use the dead space in your walls!

11. Creating a bed that has a storage plinth underneath it and comfort on top? What could be better?

12. Add functional spaces everywhere you can. A window seat can have a cavity for storing bedding and a headboard can stretch up to the ceiling, encompassing shelves

13. Organisation is key in a small bedroom so be sure to clearly label any and all boxes or drawers so you don't need to waste time rummaging

14. When space is at a premium, always look up and think about what you could do with higher spaces. Walls are so underused but a simple ladder can solve that

J Scandinavian style bedroom

15. Mounting door knobs and hooks to a wall is a great way to organise your belongings in a small bedroom. Plus, it happens to look super cool!

16. Alway think outside the box. Could that built-in cupboard be better repurposed? Is that wall too high to add shelves ? You can create a cosy, stylish and covetable bedroom, regardless of size, if you make it work perfectly for you

For more bedroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 Double Bedrooms With Walls You'll Want To Copy.

How do you cope with a small bedroom?

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