The Ultimate DIY Tips Guide: 26 Tips to Follow for a Better DIY Experience

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When it comes to home-improvement projects, we personally feel that nothing comes close to clever and creative DIY tips and tricks. It’s just so fantastic, because anybody, regardless of their skills, can give it a bash! And since it’s so inclusive and can help make (just about) anybody a bit more proficient with some tools and an idea, we found these 26 amazing DIY tips to show you today.    

Don't get us wrong; we're always going to need brilliant professionals, like Electricians, Interior Designers/Decorators, and Flooring experts for top-of-the-range design results. But for those “smaller” jobs around the house, like a loose kitchen cupboard or a bedroom wall begging for some new colour(s), we’ve got some standout DIY advice that practically anybody in the UK can try out…   

1. Before you lay a new floor, freshen up your walls so you won't risk getting paint on your new surface

After all, when it comes to DIY tips for home, it’s important to keep your existing pieces clean, neat and safe. 

2. Don't wash brushes and rollers after every coat. Just wrap them tightly in clingfilm and they'll stay moist

You may be surprised to discover just how many of these DIY tips and tricks are all about making your next painting project proceed as smoothly as possible.  

3. Sprinkle talc onto squeaky door hinges and floorboards

4. Baby oil will get paint residue off your skin easily

5. Add a little bit of vanilla extract to your paint tin to prevent overbearing paint fumes

6. Old paint spills will soften up if you rub linseed oil on them. Then you can simply scrape them off!

7. Double-sided tape makes a great rug gripper

8. Dip scissors into boiling water before trying to cut any delicate fabrics. It'll be a breeze!

9. Attach a length of dental floss to a dripping tap and run it directly into the plughole to prevent a noisy night

10. Masking tape is perfect for creating stencils with. It'll work anywhere and not leave a mark

11. A regular broom will be a perfect substitute for a decking stain applicator

12. Using chalk pens, you can create non-permanent murals on mirrors. Perfect for kids!

13. To prevent paint drips in your home, glue a paper plate to the bottom of your paint cans

14. Strong coffee or shoe polish are perfect for covering up a raw scratch on a piece of dark wood furniture

15. If you want to make sure your screws never come undone when hanging something new, add a drop of clear nail varnish to the hole just before you finish tightening

16. Old radiators can be perked up with heatproof paint. You can now even get it in aerosol form

17. To make nails enter wood smoothly, rub the tips with a little soap before hammering

18. On unpolished wood with a dent, add some water, lay brown paper on top and iron. The dent will spring out

19. To keep your paint usable, add a couple of caps of methylated spirits, then place the lid on. Don't stir until you next need to use it

20. Whatever your DIY task, remember that safety must come first so always turn off your electrics

21. Keep a torch in a known and easy to reach place just in case anything shorts or you stumble across an issue

22. A spring-powered rat trap makes a great automatic door closer when mounted to the back

23. Don't waste money on expensive cleaning products, when you can clean your woodburner glass with scrunched up newspaper, dipped in vinegar and ash

24. Old kitchen funnels can be repurposed as brilliant twine dispensers. So handy for avid gardeners!

25. On an uneven surface, use felt floor protectors to lengthen chair or table legs

26. Above all else, know when it's time to call in the professionals. Otherwise, you might waste a lot of time, effort and money trying to tackle something you simply can't master!

DIY home tips that can decrease your property value: Converting a bedroom

One DIY tip doesn’t necessarily equal another; thus, beware which tips and tricks you try out, as some DIY jobs can actually bring your home’s value down! 

Like converting or removing a bedroom. Seeing as a house’s value comes from its number of rooms, merging two small bedrooms can actually make your property value take a dip – some experts say by as much as 20%. 

DIY home tips that can decrease your property value: Planting certain plants

Always listen to the experts when it comes to plants, especially trees. Those with a small root base might not pose much of a problem, but others can stretch much further than the tree’s height. This can result in cracked drains, damaged driveways, and, ultimately, a very expensive bill. 

And stay away from Japanese Knotweed, unless you want to risk it decreasing the value of your garden and yard by approximately 15%. 

DIY home tips that can decrease your property value: A bad exterior paint job

What your house looks like on the outside is people’s first impression of your home and lifestyle. That means that anybody looking to try out easy DIY tips need to take into account any faded, cracked, or peeling paint visible on their house’s façade.  

And remember that when it comes to colours, property buyers tend to favour neutrals like whites, off-whites, greys, beiges, etc. 

DIY home tips that can decrease your property value: Your address suffix

Even though you don’t have any real power over this one, your address suffix can also boost/lower your property value – and some studies suggest rising by as much as 36%! Names like ‘boulevard’, ‘place’ and ‘road’ addresses seem to be the classiest. Vice versa, suffixes that usually note lower property areas are ‘street’, ‘drive’ and ‘avenue’. 

Have you heard what the Best wall colours for small bedrooms are?  

Picked up any DIY tricks you HAVE to try out? 

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