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A Roof-Raising Attic Conversion

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Many of us have an attic but are not too sure how to best utilise this space, which unfortunately means it's often left deserted and dusty. This was certainly the case for the owners of this attic featured in this before and after project.

However, this attic has now been transformed into an enviable oasis of wellness and Zen. From messy and desolate, it became a personal retreat for the owners, complete with sauna, natural stone shower, fireplace, and several other luxuries not found in many attic spaces.

Join us as we take a look around!

Before: The under-utilised space

Here you can see how sad and tired the attic was looking. Packing boxes full of junk and the exposed beams and roof insulation are about all there is to see.

After: What a transformation!

It's hard to believe that this is indeed the same space. An incredible transformation, right? The attic is now a luxury spa fit for any opulent home.

Interestingly, the sink is freestanding in the centre of the room, which is a unique design choice that gives this attic even more character. To the right is a couch for cooling down on after a hot sauna, which we can see illuminated in the rear. Indirect lighting on the freshly painted beams gives the room a soft glow.

Before: Descent into hell

It was obvious this staircase was not often used. Looking rather dreary, this part of the attic was also in dire need of renovation.

After: Stairway to heaven

We love the new timber staircase, which gently illuminates the steps, almost like a stairway to the heaven that awaits above.

Before: Not much to look at

From this angle you can see how the attic was no more than a storage space for unused junk. Being such a large and open space, the owners could not let this space go to waste any longer.

After: A new oasis

Now, beautiful unfinished timber, LED lighting and glass reign supreme in this space. We can't imagine anywhere else to spend a cold winter's Sunday.

After: Elegant shower

A new shower area was also installed, thereby giving even more reason to spend as much time upstairs as possible!

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How would you have used this newly reclaimed space?

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