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​9 ways you're making cleaning harder than it should be

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Let’s be honest: cleaning the home is no fun. On the ‘fun-o-meter’, it's right between flossing and cutting toenails. Why couldn’t we all rather be catching up on TV series or working hard at depleting the country’s chocolate- and wine quantities?  

But tedious or not, it is unfortunately something that needs to get done, either by yourself or somebody else – which is exactly why somebody out there has come up with ways in which housecleaning could be made much easier. 

No, we are not talking about cheating and skipping crucial tasks (like vacuuming underneath the sofas), but rather about changing a few cleaning chores which we have, in fact, been doing wrong all these years. Who knew, right? 

So, let’s see which cleaning mistakes you need to cease and modify immediately…

1. Stop making your own cleaning products

Those liquids you’re cooking up at home may look like they’re getting the cleaning job done, but they do not offer the same scientifically-proven formulas as store-bought stuff. 

What’s worse, your homemade cleaning formulas could be damaging your appliances and surfaces, which could cost you much more money in the long run.

2. Get rid of that feather duster

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You may keep your French maid uniform if you wish, but toss that feather duster right away: it only spreads the filth from one surface to another. 

Opt for a microfibre cloth instead, as it grabs hold of those dirt particles instead of just moving them around.

3. Don’t wash the windows when the sun is shining

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Yes, a sunny day is a good excuse to do some cleaning, but skip the windows until those rain clouds come out (or the sun sets). 

Those UV rays cause your windows to dry up much faster than you can wipe up, leaving streaks and causing extra cleaning work for you.

4. Don’t wear your shoes in the house

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Want to cut down on household cleaning? Then leave your shoes at the door to stop from trampling dirt inside. 

Rather get yourself a nice pair of flip-flops or slippers to wear indoors.

5. When last did you clean your vacuum?

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Unless you graduated from Hogwarts, those dirt particles that your vacuum sucks up won’t just magically disappear. In fact, not cleaning your vacuum could result in you pushing dirt around on your floors instead of cleaning them up. 

Once that bag is one-third full, replace it. And if your vacuum is bag-less, empty the canister after every single use.

6. Let that tile cleaner soak in

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Napoli Simple Wall, Floor & Textured Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Before wiping or mopping that grout between your tiles, allow the (store-bought) cleaner to sit for a few minutes. This will let the formula soak in better, soften and dissolve stains, and make your cleaning faster and easier. 

From home stagers to rubbish removers, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

7. Don’t ignore your bathroom fan

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A humid space like the bathroom needs all the ventilation it can get. 

Thus, cut down on the mildew you will have to clean later and switch on that exhaust fan right before you hop into the shower. Leave it running for at least 15 minutes after getting out.

8. Spraying surfaces with cleaner

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Spraying cleaner directly onto your surfaces creates a build-up that can attract even more dust. To avoid this (and a sticky surface), spray your cleaning cloth with the cleaner instead.

9. Not sticking to your cleaning chores

We all have those busy days (and weeks) when we rarely have time for anything but working and eating. The problem is that when we eventually do get back to our regular routines, those cleaning chores have multiplied! 

Save yourself some pain and anguish and stick to your cleaning rituals as best you can. 

Want to know how to make household-cleaning even easier? Take a look at: Household Cleaning While You’re Dreaming.

How else do you make cleaning a breeze?

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