​15 super stylish ways you can use stone in your home

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Here on homify, we love anything that grabs attention (in a good way, mind you). From jovial tones in a living room rug to long, flowing drapes adorning a bedroom window – as long as it enhances the look of your home’s style. 

Which brings us to today’s article: bringing stone into your house. But we’re not referring to laying down a few pebbles beside your tub, but rather using this exquisite material to adorn walls or other vertical surfaces.

Just like wood, stone presents a unique texture, an interesting pattern, and that raw look that makes it perfect for only a select few, but not all, home design styles (such as rustic, modern, country, etc.). 

So, with raw perfection and eye-catching features in mind, let’s see how we can add some stylish stone into our homes.

1. For the kitchen peninsula

Flaunting a beachy tone, these stone surfaces do a tremendous job of injecting some detail into this rustic-style kitchen breakfast bar.

2. A focal wall

Want that one wall to grab attention? By all means, treat it to a nice stone coating and see how it complements or contrasts with your existing colour scheme. Either way, it’s bound to look striking.

3. For rustic façades

If you’re a die hard follower of the rustic style, then coating your façade walls in stone should be high on your priority list.

4. Coated in white

This modern bathroom looks simply superb when combined with the white-toned stone wall outside. So clean, so tranquil, and so full of texture.

5. For terrace walls

Even just the tiniest surfaces can still make a huge impact when coated in stone. See how this modest little terrace comes to life thanks to the stone-clad area that immediately becomes a focal piece.

6. Texture upon texture

Combining that delicious raw look of stone with other textures is sure to add some visual spice, like the lush, natural look of the garden plants contrasting with that raw, hard look of the stone wall above. 

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7. Très sophistiqué

Bring some patterns and textures into your modern living room via a rug and stone focal wall, as shown in this perfect example above. Placing a full-length mirror in front of it ensures that it doesn’t become too ‘busy’.

8. A raw and jumbled look

That stone surface doesn’t have to look perfectly crafted. See how this bar area becomes an eye-catching feature due to stone adorning it with a raw and messy appearance.

9. Teaming up with timber

Bringing in another fantastic raw material (like wood) is sure to result in some striking surfaces. Here, the stone and wood are coated in the same colour, making us do a double take.

10. Lighting up the detail

Adding some light onto a stone surface is a sure-fire way to enhance that unique texture and pattern, and cause some interesting interplay between light and shadow.

11. Alternating between colours

We’re not just stuck with one tone – this stone wall presents a handful of different hues (from blue-greys to browns to earthy reds), making it even more striking thanks to the crisp whiteness of the surrounding wall.

12. A brick-like appearance

This image shows us how stunning quarry stone can look, as it presents a brick-like shape and size. Ideal for those of us who want to tease at the raw appearance of an exposed brick wall.

13. Colours that co-ordinate

Make sure one of those stone hues links up with another colour in your home’s palette, like this brown in the stone wall that mimics the floor and blinds – perfect harmony.

14. Used as wall art

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A little niche in your wall and some stone adorning that inside surface? It could look like an exceptional piece of wall art.

15. Some bathroom detail

Últimos trabajos Spazio3Design Modern bathroom

Últimos trabajos


Allow stone to be a focal piece in your bathroom, such as the wall framing your mirror. Yes, it’s the same white as the other walls, but it is light years ahead in terms of style and look. 

From inside to outdoors, let’s take a look at: 24 Creative Ideas To Use Stone Stylishly In Your Garden.

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