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Pro secrets that'll work wonders in your small kitchen

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A kitchen that is functional, beautiful, and easy to use has a terrific impact on the rest of the house – it is the heart of the home, after all. From whipping up snacks and drinks to helping the kids with homework, from catching up on the latest gossip with friends to pouring over your taxes, the kitchen plays venue to many, many functions.

But when your culinary space is a bit on the modest side in terms of space, it takes a little extra creativity to make that small space pack a big punch. And one of those creative ideas undoubtedly includes the kitchen layout.

So, get ready for some inspiration, for we are presenting to you eight stylish layout ideas that can help zhoosh up your kitchen space in an instant. There is definitely one (or more) idea here that can work for your kitchen back home…

1. Working with a dining table

A small kitchen is very easy to overcrowd. If there is space for a modest dining table, conjure up a little more walkway by pushing it against the wall, as shown above.

2. A U-shaped layout with suspended shelving

Small kitchens very often lack natural light. This kitchen would have been a gloomy spot were it not for that peninsula and hanging shelving on the one side, which allow the light to generously spread to the kitchen area. 

Notice the white countertops and walls – the brighter and lighter a space, the larger it feels too.

3. A single-line design

If that kitchen is really tiny (and acts as a passageway from one room to another), it’s best to keep things very simple. 

Bring in some high-impact features, like the bright yellow top shown above. Knob-less cabinetry also help to clear up some visual space.

4. A double-duty piece

The same way that a breakfast peninsula offers you working- and dining space, so can a clever little bench attached to your cabinetry do the same. 

Note how the design allows for stools to be neatly tucked underneath the bench, thus freeing up the walkway area.

5. A second countertop

If there is space for a second countertop that faces the adjoining room (like the living room), it can help to hide some clutter and accessories out of sight. 

This also creates the opportunity for bench-style seating to help with an informal dining- and work space.

6. A galley-style kitchen

A lot of small homes have galley-style kitchens that act as passageways. To add some style and function to the room above, kitchen designers have added a two-level countertop and bench-style dining area together. 

It keeps the walkway open and helps separate the cooking- and dining surfaces most splendidly.

7. An integrated island

Chances are that your small kitchen shares an open plan layout with the living room

If that is the case, you will require a feature to set the two rooms apart, like a kitchen island which doesn’t have to take up much space at all.

8. The L-shaped kitchen

We cannot say enough positive things about the L-shaped kitchen, especially this one above, with a dramatic charcoal-toned scheme that effectively separates it from the rest of the room and décor. 

To find out more about the benefits of the L-shaped kitchen, see: 5 Reasons L-Shaped Kitchens Could Be Your Best Option.

Which idea will you be trying out at home?

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