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​10 creative ideas to make your hallway as unique as you

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We often see home design ideas focusing on prime indoor areas like the bedroom or living room. But how often are we treated to tips for boosting the hallway or entryway in our homes? Unfortunately, a lot of us are still under the impression that this is no more than the space where we hang our coats, or the transition area from outdoor to indoor.

Well, breaking news, people: the entry hall is the first interior space that guests see when stopping by, which certainly means it needs to get some sort of attention, right? And what could be a better greeting than a stylish entryway that immediately makes one feel welcome and comfortable? 

Let’s take a look at a few possibilities that can help to spice up your entryway back home – you can thank us afterwards in the comments section!

Idea 1: Fit in a spacious closet

If there is space in your entryway / hallway for a closet, then by all means go for it. 

It can make a big difference in terms of storage and functionality, like housing shoes or visitor’s coats, storing seasonal clothing, sports equipment, etc.

Idea 2: Add an eye-catching element

Functionality aside, that hallway also needs to look pretty striking, don’t you agree? So how about adorning the one wall with an eye-catching material, like exposed brick? 

This entryway above looks simply stunning thanks to the raw brick coating the one wall, contrasting superbly with the linear timber panelling of the floor.

Idea 3: Opt for interesting pegs

Back to hanging up those coats, but this time we are thinking further than a closet or wall-mounted hooks. 

Thanks to the evolution of interior design ideas, we can now pick and choose from a range of different objects, like this eye-catching peg design that takes up no floor space whatsoever.

Idea 4: Hang up striking wall art

Want visitors to notice upon entry (literally) what good taste you have? Then hang a stunning piece of wall art in that entryway, something that adds some colour and/or pattern. Framed family photos could also be a nice and personal touch. 

If you have the space, you can even opt for a side table underneath for some more décor pieces – just ensure you don’t make it too cluttered.

Idea 5: Include a mirror

That mirror can do so much more than add some style and character to your entryway, reflect the light, or double up on visual space; it can help with last-minute gussying up before you head out or answer the door.

Idea 6: Add a seating spot

Why would you not want a comfy seating spot in your entryway? Where else are you going to have a seat while taking off (or putting on) your shoes? 

You can opt for something as elegant as a tub chair or as simple as a pouf, depending on your space and style.

Idea 7: Brighten it up with colours

miniszyk unikat:lab Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs



If your entryway is a space dominated by neutral tones, some funky colours can make a world of difference. 

A seating spot, wall art, wallpaper, closet door… there are numerous ways in which to bring about a spot of jovial tones.

Idea 8: Lay unique flooring

To visually separate your entryway from the rest of your interiors, you can also opt for completely different flooring. Patterned tiles instead of hardwood floors, for example.

homify hint: An entry rug never hurt anyone, and can help to severely limit the amount of dirt and grime that people trample indoors.

Idea 9: Display fresh flowers

Whether a vase of flowers or a potted plant, this is a tried-and-tested way to add not only colour and texture, but also scent into a space. 

But just ensure those flowers remain fresh and alive – a dead plant doesn’t look very inviting to guests, now does it?

Idea 10: Lots of natural light

With natural light you bring a part of nature indoors, and immediately light up your furniture and décor. 

Thus, if there is the possibility of adding a window to your entryway, or glass to your front door, then we vote “yes”. 

To boost that entryway look even more, be sure to check out these: 14 Brilliant Solutions For Your Hallway's Shoe Problem.

Let us know if you have more tips to spruce up that hall!

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