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Clever storage solutions for every unruly kids' room

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At it's very core, home design and storage needs to be functional but when it comes to adding a little organisation to your kid's room, any interior designer will tell you that keeping it fun is they key.

You want your kids to actively help with keeping the house a little tidier so if teaching them good habits can start with some funky cupboards and shelves, we say go for it! 

Take a look at these fun storage options and see which your little one's might love for their bedroom!

1. Bookcases

Your children will love having all their treasured books out on display, so look to include some bookshelves in their room.

You could even paint them fun colours or add decals so this is a piece of furniture that will not be easily outgrown.

2. Stacked drawers

These drawers are great, especially for a young girl, as they offer all the hair bobble and toy storage she could need and, as she gets older, will still accommodate her belongings with ease. 

The natural wood casing is also great as you could paint that later to match the bedroom, should it change.

3. Built-in

Wouldn't you have just loved this when you were a kid? An enclosed cabin bed with masses of built-in storage that can be as obvious or hidden as you want.

Just think about all the secret compartment potential here!

4. Personalised

You want your little ones to know that they're special, but also that you're a cool parent? How about something a little more tailored and funky? 

These letter shelves are so awesome and will help teach the alphabet! 

5. Drawers

Under-furniture drawers are a sleek and well-concealed way to add a wealth of storage to an untidy space. 

Just beware, teenagers might not keep drawers very tidy and we dread to think what you might find in them!

6. Multifunctional headboards

Whoever would have thought that headboards could be more useful and even fun?  We did, as soon as we saw this picture! 

The perfect place for keeping favourite nighttime reading books, as well as a drink and other trinkets that don't want to be lost, we love this take on a bedroom staple.

7. Modular storage

The joy of modular storage items is that you can always add more of them. 

As your kids grow, so too will their collections and possessions, so modular storage not only looks fun but also offers practicality.

8. Upcycled

Kids aren't generally interested in upcycling but if you find a funky piece of furniture that, with a lick of paint would look amazing, we think they'll be excited by it. 

Retro furniture, given a multicoloured paint job, will be unique and practical, which is a winning combination!

9. Organisation inside the storage

Drawer organisers might not be the most exciting thing on the planet but boy, do they come in handy when you are trying to maintain control over an untidy household!

A great way to separate and store everything you need, we think even your kids will enjoy getting to grips with some classification. One section for Batman, another for Barbie…

For more kid's room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Fun Meets Functionality In The Perfect Kid's Bedroom.

Which styles would your kids like best?

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