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Minimal interior design long-lasting trend

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If you think minimalism means a total lack of style due to having no belongings, we're about to seriously school you about this fabulous and long-lasting trend. 

More akin to paring back busy home design schemes in favour of simple lines, clean finishes and understated but classic staples, we can totally understand why interior designers the world over align with this movement. 

When you take a look at these fabulous living spaces, from kitchens through to bedrooms, we just know you're going to have a new found love for minimalism, so let's not waste any more time!

1. Minimalist and functional, this kitchen is awesome

2. Such an unfussy living room!

3. Pops of colour aren't a sin in minimalist homes

4. Plants really soften this kitchen perfectly

5. Contained storage systems help to minimise clutter

6. Clean lines and slim profiles are ideal for minimalist homes

7. Integrated solutions make minimalism a doddle

8. Angular shapes have such minimalist appeal

9. A mix of white and wood makes for a warm minimalist home

10. Polished concrete is a firm favourite in pared back design schemes

11. Muted tones are a beautiful design element found in minimalist homes

12. You can't have too much white!

13. Symmetrical installations make the most of your space without overcrowding it

14. Colour-coordinated texture works well to add a nuance of unfussy style

15. Sleek built-in storage is perfect for minimalist kitchens

16. Simple schemes don't have to be colourless!

17. Skinny wall additions make for a simple take on necessary items, such as mirrors

18. Low-level furniture is a minimalist staple, especially in bedrooms!

19. Glass is a much-used minimalist material

20. Modular furniture is great for minimalist homes

21. Shapes are as important as colour

22. Imagine how relaxing this space must be

23. Geometric motifs look ideal in minimalist bathrooms

24. Bright, white and simple!

25. Minimalism is perfect for tight or unusual spaces

26. Wall shelves make neat and tidy rooms a more distinct possibility

27. Monochrome styling is a more impactful way to embrace minimalism

28. Slate and concrete have the perfect tones for minimalist style

29. Gloss surfaces keep a pared back space feeling bright and dynamic

31. A lack of curtains really embraces minimalism

32. Unfussy lighting keeps a minimalist scheme working well

33. Hidden storage is minimalism at its best!

34. Manipulating dead space makes minimalist spaces easier to achieve

35. Your garden can be minimalist too!

36. terraces look perfect when left more pared back and elegant

For more minimalist inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: You can be minimalist in a small flat.

Could minimalism be for you, after all?

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