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20 wardrobes ideal for small spaces

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Not having a huge amount of space for a wardrobe or closet doesn't have to be a deal breaker as there are some amazing smaller options and clever hacks out there, just waiting for you.

In fact, altering the amount of available legroom in a space is nothing new to Interior Designers and Decorators, especially when it comes to closets and wardrobes for dressing rooms, bedrooms, etc. From small and short to slim and narrow, tiny wardrobes don’t seem to be going away anytime soon – but that is perfectly fine by us.

In fact, take a look at just how stylish and practical narrow- and small wardrobe designs can be…  

2. That box room in your house could be a perfect walk-in wardrobe!

3. Shallow but wide/tall closets work well in a small bedroom

Here we see how a shallow wardrobe can still be elegant and practical (as long as it’s tall and wide enough).  

4. Hidden storage can be a good way to add closet space in a room you might not expect

5. Make sure you organise your closet with boxes and drawers to keep it tidy

Tall and narrow wardrobe designs don’t have to be a headache as long as you’re committed to optimum storage. 

6. Even the narrowest of gaps can become a handy closet

7. When space-saving is key, think about an under-bed pull out closet

8. Match your closet colour to your walls for a seamless finish that's almost invisible

9. Get creative to add more storage potential to a small closet. Hooks on the wall can be used for anything from bags to jeans!

10. Beautiful closet doors make sacrificing some space less of a wrench

11. Corners make fantastic closets, as you can effectively get twice the rail space

12. Pull down closet rails ensure that even a super shallow cupboard is maximally useful

13. A freestanding closet doesn't have to be a space swallower if you take the time to make it beautiful

14. Free up bedroom closet space by incorporating storage into your hallway and keeping outdoor attire there

15. Think about the things you absolutely need to keep in your closet, then you can tailor the shelves and not waste any precious space

16. Awkward walls and cavities are perfect as small storage units, so call in the carpenters

17. Try a soft divide between your bedroom and closet to make the transition less jarring and the closet seem bigger

18. Modular closets allow for a perfect fit, even in a small gap

19. Keep things simple and have a regular clothing clear out to make sure you can get away with a suitably small closet!

20. This L-shaped design fits perfectly into the corner of any small room!

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Dresser design


The pros of small and slim wardrobe designs

Bedroom | Home renovation in North London The White Interior Design Studio Small bedroom
The White Interior Design Studio

Bedroom | Home renovation in North London

The White Interior Design Studio

• Clutter is much easier to manage with short wardrobe designs

• It’s a cost-effective way of managing a wardrobe while you’re losing/gaining weight

• Ideal for the “uniform” dresser who doesn’t mind repeating outfits

• Since a shallow wardrobe can only hold so many items, it’s more suited to a climate with relatively constant temperatures/seasons.   

The cons of small and slim wardrobe designs

House in Zagorsk, Russia EVGENY BELYAEV DESIGN Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

House in Zagorsk, Russia


• Storing your clothing in a narrow wardrobe can lead to greater wear and tear

• Doesn’t present many options in terms of creative outfit creations

• Not really fit to store a range of clothing items for a four-season climate 

• Can cause laundry bottlenecks (blocking or slowing down the laundry process), particularly when it comes to high-heat areas and with frequent travel. 

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How have you made your wardrobe more practical?

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