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Perfectly designed to adapt to its small, awkward plot is this amazing Korean home. Much like the famous Tardis from Doctor Who, this home manages to feel huge and spacious inside whilst looking tiny from the outside. The brain child of Mukoyama Architects, you'll soon appreciate the firms ingenious method of utilising space and their knack for creating fun, contemporary spaces. For the family who live inside, not in their wildest dreams did they think that a home of such comfort and spaciousness could be built when they first bought the plot of land. For this and many other reasons, the family have fallen in love with their new home and couldn't see themselves living anywhere else. Come and see why…  

A successful design

Talk about a challenging project! The east facing allotment is less than 30 square metres in total, and to make matters even harder; the house on the neighbouring property has been built right up to the border—it's literally within touching distance. 

To combat these challenges the design team knew they had to think outside the box. Their design approach was focused upon creating a home that felt light and spacious by using transparent surfaces and voids wherever possible. Unfortunately, the team was very limited to where they could place windows due to the neighbouring property being so close. The privacy of the new owners and their neighbours was absolutely critical, so you'll notice the majority of the windows are either facing towards the east or are placed above eye level for this reason. 

Up the stairs

When you enter, there's a staircase immediately in front of you. It's an important linkage point in the home but the space acts in more ways than simply connecting those inside to different levels. Above, there is a floating timber staircase that has been crafted in the most simple form possible. The design allows for light to pass through the gaps from the levels above, resulting in the space being bright all throughout the day. 

First floor

The internal layout has been designed with a distinction between uses. The first level of the home functions as a communal space where the family can socialise, relax and spend their time together, while upstairs is where the bedrooms are located. 

A cosy retreat

Built into a section of the first level is a truly unique spot. This space has been designed as a place of tranquillity away from the rest of the home. All design aspects have been coordinated to form as a soothing atmosphere where one can find a spot to kick back and relax. Bursts of colours gives the space a fun, modern edge. To the side, an upright piano has its own private area so that the family can practice their scales in peace.

Surprisingly bright and open

Having taken a few steps further inside, we can see how the kitchen and dining area is connected as one holistic space. This section of the home is saturated with natural light thanks to the hallow ceiling and extensive glazing. The whole space looks both fresh and comfortable, and is somewhere for all occasions.

A narrow walkway

As mentioned earlier, the upstairs level accommodates the family's bedrooms which can be seen in the rear of the photograph. A walkway that connects the ends of this level is a notable feature in the home, with those inside needing to cross the narrow path.

Dreamy at dusk

Before we draw this brief tour to a close, we take one last look at the front exterior at nightfall. Perhaps it's at this time of day when the unique form of the home looks at its best. The multi-angled exterior is truly unique to its site, much like the interiors where every detail was tailored towards the clients. Overall, it’s an impressive contemporary home that's surprised us in more ways than one—and who could have thought it was built upon only 30sqm!

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What was your favourite aspect of this home? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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